Australian Idol 2023 Contestants List – Season 8

Australian Idol is back for Season 8 in 2023 on Channel 7 and 7 Plus, the singing competition began airing on Monday 30 January 2023.

Australian Idol Season 8 contestants in 2023
Australian Idol 2023 contestants.

The judges for Australian Idol Season 8 in 2023 are; Amy Shark, Harry Connick Jr., Meghan Trainor, and Kyle Sandilands. The hosts of the show are Scott Tweedie and Ricki-Lee Coulter.

Australian Idol 2023 Contestants

The Australian Idol 2023 contestants have been revealed during each episode that has aired so far during Season 8 of the competition.

Check out the table below for all Australian Idol 2023 contestants, their hometowns and their ages at the time of auditions.

1.Amali Dimond16Shellharbour, New South WalesIn Top 8
2.Aaliyah Bise20Ballarat, Victoria
3.Kimberley Lyons24Brisbane, Queensland
4.Storm Klarich27Adelaide, South Australia
5.Sharin Attamimi24Perth, Western AustraliaEliminated (Top 24)
6.Nicholas Joy23Brisbane, Queensland
7.Josh Hannan20Mount Evelyn, VictoriaIn Top 6
8.Imogen Ledell19Sydney, New South Wales
9.Connor Bulger19Bendigo, VictoriaEliminated (Top 32)
10.Jono Webb26Adelaide, South Australia
11.Elaina O’Connor22Perth, Western Australia
12.Naomi Gipey22Alice Springs, Northern TerritoryEliminated (Top 24)
13.Ellen Bolger-Rowe28Bathurst, New South Wales
14.Kaitlyn Smith21Melbourne, Victoria
15.Ben Sheehy24Brisbane, QueenslandIn Top 8
16.Sara Houston26Perth, Western AustraliaEliminated (Top 24)
17.Angelina Curtis15Perth, Western AustraliaIn Top 8
18.Ruby Wall16Logan, Queensland
19.Drew Tisdell21Braidwood, New South Wales
20.Amshalaykha Yogaraj23Perth, Western Australia
21.Royston Sagigi-Baira23Far North QueenslandIn Top 8
22.Angus Holmes21Gold Coast, Queensland
23.Bobby Holmes17Gold Coast, QueenslandEliminated (Top 24)
24.Chenai Boucher25Melbourne, Victoria
25.Piper Butcher18Newcastle, New South WalesEliminated (Top 24)
26.Ali Morriss27Brisbane, Queensland
27.Maya Weiss28VictoriaEliminated (Top 12)
28.Charlie Chech18Sydney, New South Wales
29.Victoria Kakoulis25Adelaide, South Australia
30.Jared Markham27Perth, Western Australia
31.Yasmin Absolom24Melbourne, Victoria
32.Yolanda Absolom24Melbourne, Victoria
33.Kaitlyn Thomas22Wallan, VictoriaEliminated (Top 32)
34.Taigh Wade21Perth, Western Australia
35.Amelie Matthews15Sydney, New South Wales
36.Sash Seabourne25Margaret River, Western AustraliaEliminated (Top 10)
37.Noah Cookson19Mackay, QueenslandEliminated (Top 24)
38.Susana Downes28Sydney, New South Wales
39.Nasim Jamal28Melbourne, Victoria
40.Franky Drousioti24Melbourne, Victoria
41.Kristina Bilandzic22Sydney, New South Wales
42.Jasey Fox26Central Coast, New South WalesEliminated (Top 12)
43.Michaela George26Bundaberg, Queensland
44.Isabella Vicente25Darwin, Northern Territory
45.Jessica Crossman25Kiama, New South Wales
46.Jordan Cheney26Melbourne, Victoria
47.Hamani Tanginoa21Sydney, New South Wales
48.Jeremy Fletcher19Mareeba, Queensland
49.Noora H27Sydney, New South WalesIn Top 8
50.Alivia Hollis18Brisbane, Queensland
51.Kartik Kunasegaran27Sydney, New South WalesEliminated (Top 32)
52.Anastasia Skourtis22Adelaide, South Australia
53.Tessa Noll24Condobolin, New South Wales
54.Tom Nethersole18Ardmona, Victoria
55.Deon Mai22Adelaide, South Australia
56.Grace Blakiston22Perth, Western Australia
57.Montana Lara22Brisbane, QueenslandEliminated (Top 32)
58.Haze Harrington25Brisbane, Queensland
59.James Vawser28Adelaide, South AustraliaEliminated (Top 24)
60.Jada Kyle23Melbourne, Victoria
61.Sam Jeacle25Canberra, Australian Capital Territory
62.Damien AgiusEton, QueenslandEliminated (Top 24)
63.Hayden Lunn20Brisbane, Queensland
64.Laura Byrnes28Perth, Western Australia
65.Josh Anderson28Sunshine Coast, Queensland
66.Chandler Campbell19Gold Coast, Queensland
67.Emilie Sutter17Adelaide, South Australia
68.Bec Voysey24Perth, Western AustraliaEliminated (Top 24)
69.Harry Hayden18Melbourne, VictoriaEliminated (Top 10)
70.Keziel MacGregor27Geelong, Victoria
71.Kaiyai Doenau28Coffs Harbour, New South Wales
72.Nicholas Meyers28Melbourne, Victoria
73.Anya Hynninen19Selby, VictoriaIn Top 8
74.Dylan Sutton29Canberra, Australian Capital Territory
75.Gemma Ann Rourke25Mornington Peninsula, Victoria
76.Billy Dyer21Gold Coast, Queensland
77.Hamish Guiana18Scone, New South Wales
78.Tilly Weaver20Melbourne, Victoria
79.Tia Jones18Townsville, Queensland
80.Sheridan Hames28Adelaide, South Australia
81.Elizabeth Pardallis18Melbourne, Victoria
82.Ethan Hill19Ipswich, Queensland
83.Tully Wishart25Melbourne, VictoriaEliminated (Top 32)
84.Dubai Fabian17Gold Coast, Queensland
85.Peter Karagounis21Melbourne, VictoriaEliminated (Top 24)
86.Jakob Poyner18Narooma, New South Wales
87.Jessica Clennett25Hobart, Tasmania
88.Fenn Idle27Sydney, New South Wales
89.Alkira Odell26Blue Mountains, New South Wales
90.Elysa Villareal24Sydney, New South Wales
91.Sharni Stewart28Adelaide, South Australia
92.Triston Joynt20Rockingham, Western AustraliaEliminated (Top 32)
93.Ethan Moon20Brisbane, Queensland
94.Jenaya Laidler15Alice Springs, Northern Territory
95.Paityn Laidler17Alice Springs, Northern Territory
96.Kristie Roberts28Gold Coast, QueenslandEliminated (Top 24)
97.Erica PadillaMelbourne, Victoria
98.Finn Burton21Canberra, Australian Capital Territory
99.Isha RamjiMelbourne, Victoria
100.Mark Balas23Melbourne, Victoria
101.Lachlan Izzard19Sydney, New South Wales
102.Phoebe Stewart15Busselton, Western AustraliaIn Top 3
103.Cooper Turnbull18Sydney, New South WalesEliminated (Top 24)
104.Spencer Turnbull20Sydney, New South Wales
105.Jasmine Vanua18Adelaide, South Australia
106.Sophie Booth25Central Coast, New South Wales
107.Natalie Poole23Central Coast, New South Wales
108.Liam Brown22Melbourne, Victoria
109.Layla Rose Schillert16Newcastle, New South Wales
110.Charlotte McKie19Newcastle, New South Wales
111.Mariah Keramianaki25Crookwell, New South Wales
112.Harry Carman26Canberra, Australian Capital Territory
113.Mitchell Cocchiara21Melbourne, Victoria
114.Josh Glennon28Bowral, New South Wales
115.Aria North24Old Bar, New South Wales
116.Britney Renae21Adelaide, South Australia
117.Sarah Robinson28Perth, Western Australia
118.Tahlia Eve Pizzicara21Melbourne, VictoriaEliminated (Top 32)
119.Lucy Smith19Bunbury, Western Australia
120.Edwin Fejo22Darwin, Northern TerritoryEliminated (Top 32)
121.Malaika TembaMelbourne
122.Dylan Boys
123.Maddison Smith
124.Tara Muscatello
125.Chloe Gill
126.Frankie Faye

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