Claudia Reeb | Australian Idol 2024

Claudia Reeb - Australian Idol Season 9 contestant in 2024
Claudia Reeb.

Claudia Reeb is an Australian up-and-coming singer from Yorketown, South Australia.

She auditioned in Australian Idol Season 9 in 2024.

Claudia Reeb is 23 years old.

She has never performed on stage before and auditioning in front of Idol judge Kyle Sandilands at the Country Fair was her first ever live performance.


Name:Claudia Reeb
Age:23 years old
Hometown:Yorketown, South Australia
Occupation:Up-and-coming singer


Claudia Reeb is a wildcard contestant discovered by judge Kyle Sandilands.

Kyle hit the road and drove to South Australia looking for talented singers, he then made a stop in the little rural town of Sandilands after hearing that some singers would be performing at a Country Fair.

The singers had no idea that Kyle was about to show up and that they would be auditioning for Australian Idol.

At the Country Fair, Kyle met three singers, Claudia Reeb, Seanna Farrow, and Londyn Foreman.

The Idol judge then hosted a mini audition where each of the three singers stepped onto a trailer stage and performed live.

For her audition, Claudia Reeb performed “Always Remember Us This Way” by Lady Gaga.

She did not impress Kyle Sandilands enough who gave her a ‘NO’ and chose not to take her back to Sydney to meet the other judges Amy Shark and Marcia Hines.

Therefore Claudia Reeb’s hopes of getting a Golden Ticket to the Top 30 came to an end.

Performances in Australian Idol

RoundSong ChoiceOriginal ArtistTheme (if any)Result
Auditions“Always Remember Us This Way”Lady GagaNoneRejected


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