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Charles Noonan - Australian Survivor: Titans V Rebels Castaway in 2024
Charles Noonan.

Charles Noonan is an Australian litigation lawyer from Melbourne, Victoria.

He is a castaway in Australian Survivor: Titans V Rebels (Season 11) in 2024.

Charles Noonan is 35 years old.


Name:Charles Noonan
Age:35 years old
Hometown:Melbourne, Victoria
Occupation(s):Litigation lawyer

A Survivor superfan who watches it regularly with his wife, Charles thinks the key strategy to playing smart is to play a strong social game.

He says building networks to gather information to farm out to other tribemates will be his best asset to get an advantage over others.

A litigation lawyer who specialises in large-scale disputes, Charles is leaving his wife and 18-month-old daughter behind to play the game but he’s ready to take on the Titan title.

“I’m a Titan because I’ve done a lot of cool things in my work. I’ve worked at some of the biggest firms and the best firms across the world.” Charles states.

He continues, “I’ve represented clients from around the world, including the United Kingdom, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, and Australia. I now represent the little guy taking it to the big guy. My day job is to outwit my opponents and that’s exactly what I’m gonna do on Australian Survivor.”

While he says he is willing to do anything to stay in the game, Charles stops short on swearing on his daughter’s life, but he also knows what his first steps will be – building a watertight shelter.

Charles jokes, “A lot of people don’t like lawyers until a lawyer saves their ass and then that lawyer is their favourite person in the whole wide world and that person will be me out here.”

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