Wallace Wong | Canada’s Got Talent 2024

Wallace Wong, also known as Six Pack Chef, is a professional chef, fitness athlete, TV personality, and entrepreneur from Ontario.

He is a contestant on Canada’s Got Talent Season 4 in 2024.

Wallace Wong turns the culinary arts into an extreme sport on Canada’s Got Talent stage.


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Wallace Wong is not your typical chef.


In his early teens, Wallace Wong fought for his life by battling cancer and ultimately beating it.

​As a cancer survivor, Wallace is extremely passionate about being alive and the opportunity to live life to the fullest.

WallaceWong has worked at some of the most respected restaurants in the world including Langdon Hall in Canada, NOMA in Denmark, Alinea in Chicago, and opening Momofuku Shoto under David Chang.

Wallace was diagnosed clinically obese before turning into an international fitness competitor.

He has represented Canada on some of the most prestigious bodybuilding stages in the world including Arnold Amateur and North Americans, all while working as a professional chef.

​You may also Wallace from tasty and exciting television shows like Fridge Wars (winner), Top Chef Canada (finalist), Chopped Canada (winner), and Bake it Possible (Top 10 finalist).

​On his Instagram Wallace has an IGTV Series “What’s Cooking” of 50 Episodes where he showcases daily and weekly recipes using everyday ingredients found in the average household.

Combining health and fitness with food, Wallace shows that you can have your cake, eat it too, and get abs.

​With his knowledge of cooking and experience in fitness, Wallace has crafted a specific niche for himself, hence the name Six Pack Chef.



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