Krystal Biddulph | Australian Idol 2024

Krystal Biddulph - Australian Idol Season 9 contestant in 2024
Krystal Biddulph.

Krystal Biddulph is an Australian busker from Perth, Western Australia.

She auditioned in Season 9 of Australian Idol in 2024.

Krystal Biddulph is 16 years old.


Name:Krystal Biddulph
Age:16 years old
Hometown:Perth, Western Australia


Krystal Biddulph auditioned as a wildcard contestant discovered by Amy Shark.

While travelling to Fremantle, Western Australia, Amy discovered two buskers, Krystal Biddulph and Jesse Lazaroo in Perth.

For her audition, Krystal Biddulph performed “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen.

She failed to impress Amy Shark enough who gave her a ‘NO’, in addition to not inviting her to Sydney to meet the other two judges Kyle Sandilands and Marcia Hines.

Therefore, Krystal Biddulph’s hopes of getting a Golden Ticket to the Top 30 ended in Perth.

Performances in Australian Idol

RoundSong ChoiceOriginal ArtistTheme (if any)Result
Auditions“Bohemian Rhapsody”QueenNoneRejected


  • Krystal Biddulph is a wildcard contestant discovered by judge Amy Shark in Perth, Western Australia.


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