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Viola Jokudu - Australian Survivor: Titans V Rebels Castaway in 2024
Viola Jokudu.

Viola Jokudu is a powerlifter and strength conditioning coach from Sydney, New South Wales.

She is a castaway in Australian Survivor: Titans V Rebels (Season 11) in 2024.

Viola Jokudu is 22 years old.


Name:Viola Jokudu
Age:22 years old
Hometown:Sydney, New South Wales

Also known as ‘Queen V’, Viola is a strong woman who puts the ‘titan’ in the Titans tribe.

She is originally from South Sudan and moved to Australia with her big family.

“I’m from South Sudan and when I was two, my mum passed away. We moved to Australia and we are a happy family. (But) minus one (person from that) and that changed my entire life. I had to learn to be an adult before I was ready to be one. I had to grow up a lot quicker than most.

“The thing with a big family is there are always sides. Everyone’s going to fight over food, over the TV, so you have to be strategic and I can deal with different personalities.”

“The term ‘just a girl’ is something I’ve heard my entire life,” she says. “But I’m not an average girl.”

“I can deadlift 190 kilos. I am fierce. I am a gladiator. I am a queen – address me as such.”

It seems like Viola is planning on playing the charm game to win the Australian Survivor crown. “I will smile at you, I will flirt with you, I will charm you. I pack a real punch. You won’t know til it hits you.”

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