Viking (Jett Kenny) | Gladiators Australia 2024

Viking (Jett Kenny) - Gladiators Australia 2024
Gladiator Viking – whose real name is Jett Kenny.

Viking whose real name is Jett Kenny, is an Australian Ironman, television personality, and model from Queensland.

He is a Gladiator on Gladiators Australia 2024.

Jett Kenny is 30 years old.


Real name:Jett Kenny
Height:188 cm
Weight:93 kg
Occupation:Australian Ironman, television personality, model
Years:2023 – present

Like a seafaring pirate, Viking can be as cold as the water he rules.

He is brave and faces challenges head-on, always looking to plunder – nothing matters except the haul.

Viking will win at all costs. He is not a man of many words, choosing to let others fill the silence so he can control the game.

While others will celebrate their exploits, Viking is always focused – expect him to enter the Arena, do his job … and leave.

Son of Olympic sporting legends, Lisa Curry and Grant Kenny, Jett Kenny is a born and bred Queenslander.

Most at home when in the water, Jett is a Surf Lifesaving Ironman, Model and Lifesaver.

He is also no stranger to reality TV, having appeared on SAS Australia, Australian Ninja Warrior, The Real Full Monty, and Dancing with the Stars Australia.

Jett is also a big gamer and Marvel fan – the perfect combo for the Gladiator superhero world.


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