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Valeria Sizova - Australian Survivor: Titans V Rebels Castaway in 2024
Valeria Sizova.

Valeria Sizova is a model, dancer, and entertainment business owner from Sydney, New South Wales.

She is a castaway from Australian Survivor: Titans V Rebels (Season 11) in 2024.

Valeria is 31 years old.


Name:Valeria Sizova
Age:31 years old
Date of Birth:2 July 1992
Hometown:Sydney, New South Wales
Occupation(s):Model, dancer, entertainment business owner

Self-sufficient, strong, and proof not to judge a book by its cover, Valeria runs a dance entertainment company in Sydney and is no stranger to surviving.

Moving on her own at 17 from her family and home in Russia to Australia, Valeria knew no one and barely spoke English.

After settling in Sydney, she started off doing a Political Science degree, majoring in Government and International Relations. Still, she realised she could turn her love of dance into her profession instead.

Admitting she is a lone wolf after spending so much of her adult life alone trying to make friends in a new country, Valeria also knows she’ll need to dig deep to be a team player but mostly looks forward to the individual wins. And she’s not afraid to fight.

Valeria says, “I feel like when you look at me, I might look cute for day one but by day two, the sleeping bear inside me is ready to fight. I won’t be afraid to play the cliché girl who seems worried about her hair and makeup, I can play that for a while but that’s when I’ll blindside them.”

Valeria has always had people doubting her smarts as a model and isn’t afraid to play the dumb model card when it suits her.

But in reality, she has got the strong spirit needed to succeed in Survivor.

“Being a model, sometimes I play dumb,” Valeria says in a promo. “They are thinking this dumb bimbo is definitely not gonna go for long.”

“It works for me because the sleeping bear inside of me is ready to fight,” she says.

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