Halo (Chanique Greyling) | Gladiators Australia 2024

Halo (Chanique Greyling) - Gladiators Australia 2024
Gladiator Halo – whose real name is Chanique Greyling.

Halo whose real name is Chanique Greyling, is an Australian Hollywood stuntwoman, model, and mixed martial artist from New South Wales.

She is a Gladiator on Gladiators Australia 2024.

Chanique Greyling is 30 years old.


Real name:Chanique Greyling
State/Territory:New South Wales
Height:175 cm
Weight:68 kg
Occupation:Hollywood stuntwoman, model, MMA fighter, qualified Personal Trainer
Years:2023 – present

Halo is captivating – an angelic vision in white, with a sweet and playful nature.

But Contenders beware, this is her secret power – don’t mistake her poise for weakness.

With elegance and grace, Halo will lure you in all whilst plotting your demise.

She is badass – quietly always ready for business.

Halo is powerful, but also a merciful angel. While she’ll knock you down in the Arena, she will help you back up.

Chanique Greyling is a professional MMA fighter, Model, qualified Personal Trainer, and Stuntwoman.

Having worked on Thor – Love and Thunder as a picture double for Natalie Portman; Chanique most recently worked on NCIS: Sydney doubling for the lead in all fight scenes.

Born and raised in South Africa, Chanique moved to Australia in 2004 and now calls Newcastle, NSW, home.


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