Arrow (Harriet Roberts) | Gladiators Australia 2024

Arrow (Harriet Roberts) - Gladiators Australia 2024
Gladiator Arrow – whose real name is Harriet Roberts.

Arrow whose real name is Harriet Roberts, is an Australian CrossFit Games athlete and gymnastic coach from Queensland.

She is a Gladiator on Gladiators Australia 2024.

Harriet Roberts is 32 years old.


Real name:Harriet Roberts
Height:170 cm
Weight:72 kg
Occupation:CrossFit Games athlete, gymnastic coach
Years:2023 – present

Arrow may seem like the girl next door, disarming you with her smile, but she is a smiling assassin.

Arrow loves the thrill of the chase. She’s fast, precise, and deadly. Arrow is driven by the win, always looking for her next target.

Like an archer taking aim at the bullseye… turn your back on her at your own risk.

One of Australia’s top female CrossFit athletes for ten years, Harriet Roberts’ superpower is getting comfortable with the uncomfortable!

A competitive, energetic gun, Harriet was born in New Zealand, raised in Singapore, and now lives on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland.

A former competitive swimmer and gymnast, Harriet transitioned from an athlete to a coach – devoting herself to helping others through fitness.


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