Miss T The Bubble Queen | Canada’s Got Talent 2024

Miss T The Bubble Queen is a bubbleologist from Waterloo, Ontario. She is a contestant on Canada’s Got Talent Season 4 in 2024.

Miss T the Bubble Queen hopes to bring joy, whimsy, and a whole lot of bubbles to Canada’s Got Talent stage.


Name(s):Miss T The Bubble Queen
Age (at audition):
Hometown:Waterloo, Ontario
Position Reached:

She is Canada’s most sought-after and creative Bubbleologist and for over 20 years, she has been a master in the art, magic, science, and wonder of bubbles.

Miss T is fully bilingual in both French and English and can perform anywhere in Ontario or even Canada with ease.


Miss T The Bubble Queen and her sisters were born and raised in the Canadian Prairies on an 800-acre farm with a big sky, horses, cows, animals, and grain – where they had a whimsical childhood.

The sisters always loved performing skits, arts, and comedy which kept them well entertained in the little house on the prairie.

Miss T was a passionate painter and was either going to pursue a career as an artist or in the medical field yet since she had high grades she would go to university and become a doctor.

In 1997, Miss T left her family farm home to pursue a career as a Naturopath.

However, in 1999 herbal medicine regulatory boards canceled the program and this prevented her from achieving a diploma as a naturopath, so she became a PSW.

Miss T the Bubble Queen began bubbling way back in 2002 following her already successful career as a PSW with Ontario March of Dimes.

During her work at Ontario March of Dimes as a PSW within the outreach department and working directly with special needs, Miss T connected so well with their clients, being trusted and loved that she was asked if she would try to perform for their holiday client party.

Miss T agreed and decided to try her hand at a magic show where she failed miserably but turned it into a funny clumsy comedy show where they laughed hysterically at her fails and mishaps and said she was the funniest clumsiest failed hilarious magician and yet they loved it and her.

Miss T was asked to come back next year and wanting to say no, she agreed but not as a magician – she said she would figure something out by next year hopefully.

She researched for a new idea that she could do but noticed that different entertainment options were extremely limited with choices and ideas back in the 2000s.

While researching with the hope of bringing something artistic, magical, and very unique as a new form of entertainment, in the summer of 2002 Miss T had her “bubble epiphany”, whilst seeing a man create giant bubbles on a beach in France.

Miss T had finally got her idea, “bubbles”.

Bubbling soon became somewhat of an obsessive and passionate hobby for Miss T and thus she prepared for a full year by fully diving into the world of bubbling.

That winter, Miss T performed her first bubble show at the outreach holiday event and they loved it, she was hooked.

At the time, there were only a few worldwide bubbleologists to learn from and as a result, it was very tough figuring it all out.

Despite that, Miss was learning tricks, always training, creating tools, testing equipment, mastering and experimenting with different mixes to create her magical liquid that makes it all happen.

In 2003, Miss T was finally convinced this was what she loved to do and was ready to go all in. She set up and created “The Bubbleology Show” to spread bubble magic across the world.

Being the only bubbleologist in all of Canada and held that title for many years, it created opportunities for significant press and TV appearances over the years helping Miss T’s widely praised Bubbleology Show become very sought after and talked about.

Miss T has had appearances on YTV Zoink’d, CTV, Treehouse TV, TVO KIDS The Giver, City TV, Breakfast Television, and more.

Her bubbles even made their way onto Grimes Juno award-winning video “Venus Fly” which then got her a magazine interview in Pitchfork Magazine with “An Interview with the Bubbleologist behind Grimes Venus Fly”.

She has graciously shared the stage with numerous celebrities and shows such as at YTV’s Beach bash with the likes of Nick Cannon, pre-show entertainment for The Wiggles, Splash & Boots, Fred Penner, TVO Kids “The Giver”, Four Weddings, Bikini Village models for the 2014 fashion show, creating special effects for tv, films and more.

Performing for The Ontario Science Center, a staple at Story Book Gardens, Canada Day’s at Parliament Hill, and even a part of an engineering study on bubbles.

Miss T has also been commissioned to perform private shows for many quite prominent and famously well-known Canadian families and top 100 companies.



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