Australian Idol Contestants List – From Season 1 To Date

This is a complete list of all the Australian Idol past contestants from Seasons 1 to 8.

Australian Idol Past Contestants

Guy Sebastian21Paradise, South Australia1Winner
Shannon Noll27Condobolin, New South Wales1Runner-up
Cosima De Vito26Perth, Western Australia13rd
Paulini Curuenavuli20Wiley Park, New South Wales14th
Rob Mills21Melbourne, Victoria15th
Levi Kereama19Brisbane, Queensland16th
Rebekah LaVauney25Liverpool, New South Wales17th
Kelly Cavuoto22Adelaide, South Australia18th
Lauren Buckley17East Gosford, New South Wales19th
Cle Wootton22Perth, Western Australia110th
Peter Ryan27Tabulam, New South Wales111th
Mathew Chadwick20Gold Coast, Queensland112th
Courtney Act21New South Wales113th
Casey Donovan16Bankstown, New South Wales2Winner
Anthony Callea21Point Cook, Victoria2Runner-up
Courtney Murphy24Perth, Western Australia23rd
Hayley Jensen21Canberra, Australian Capital Territory24th
Chanel Cole26Bega, New South Wales25th
Marty Worrall26Kerang, Victoria26th
Ricki-Lee Coulter18Gold Coast, Queensland27th
Daniel Belle21Sydney, New South Wales28th
Emelia Rusciano25Adelaide, South Australia29th
Amali Ward16New Town, Tasmania210th
Dan O’Connor25Mount Annan, New South Wales211th
Angie Narayan26Brisbane, Queensland212th
Kate DeAraugo19Bendigo, Victoria3Winner
Emily Williams20Inala, Queensland3Runner-up
Lee Harding22Frankston North, Victoria33rd
Dan England21Queensland34th
Daniel Spillane25Brisbane, Queensland35th
Anne Robertson22Sydney, New South Wales36th
James Kannis19Sydney, New South Wales37th
Milly Edwards17Mount Eliza, Victoria38th
Roxane LeBrasse22Sydney, New South Wales39th
Laura Gissara21Melbourne, Victoria310th
Natalie Zahra17Innisfail, Queensland311th
Chris Luder26Brisbane, Queensland312th
Tarni Stephens27Brisbane, Queensland313th
Damien Leith30County Kildare, Ireland4Winner
Jessica Mauboy17Darwin, Northern Territory4Runner-up
Dean Geyer20Melbourne, Victoria43rd
Chris Murphy30Perth, Western Australia44th
Ricky Muscat22Werribee, Victoria45th
Lisa Mitchell16Albury, New South Wales46th
Bobby Flynn25Byron Bay, New South Wales47th
Lavina Williams27New South Wales48th
Guy Mutton29Gold Coast, Queensland49th
Klancie Keough24Richmond, Queensland410th
Reigan Derry17Maida Vale, Western Australia411th
Joseph Gatehau18Ashcroft, New South Wales412th
Natalie Gauci25Melbourne, Victoria5Winner
Matt Corby16Cronulla, New South Wales5Runner-up
Carl Riseley24Sydney, New South Wales53rd
Marty Simpson20Forresters Beach, New South Wales54th
Tarisai Vushe20Sydney, New South Wales55th
Daniel Mifsud23Mortdale, New South Wales56th
Ben McKenzie16Gosford, New South Wales57th
Jacob Butler25Mount Gambier, South Australia58th
Mark Da Costa28Petersham, New South Wales59th
Lana Krost17Perth, Western Australia510th
Brianna Carpenter21Brisbane, Queensland511th
Holly Weinert20Mildura, Victoria512th
Wes Carr26Bondi, New South Wales6Winner
Luke Dickens25Young, New South Wales6Runner-up
Mark Spano26Brighton, Victoria63rd
Teale Jakubenko22Yatala, Queensland64th
Chrislyn Hamilton17Scarborough, Queensland65th
Roshani Priddis21Ashfield, New South Wales66th
Sophie Paterson23London, England67th
Thanh Bui25Abbotsford, Victoria68th
Madam Parker23Beverly Hills, New South Wales69th
Tom Williams16Adelaide, South Australia610th
Brooke Addamo17Werribee, Victoria611th
Jonny Taylor22Perth, Western Australia612th
Stan Walker19Melbourne, Victoria7Winner
Hayley Warner18Sydney, New South Wales7Runner-up
James Johnston19Wingham, New South Wales73rd
Nathan Brake17Guildford, New South Wales74th
Toby Moulton30Melrose, South Australia75th
Kate Cook26Lowood, Queensland76th
Kim Cooper21Melbourne, Victoria77th
Scott Newnham20Melbourne, Victoria78th
Tim Johnston28Newcastle, New South Wales79th
Sabrina Batshon24Rhodes, New South Wales710th
Casey Barnes30Tasmania711th
Ashleigh Toole18Central Coast, New South Wales712th
Amali Dimond16Shellharbour, New South Wales8
Angelina Curtis15Perth, Western Australia8
Anya Hynninen19Selby, Victoria8
Harry Hayden18Melbourne, Victoria8
Josh Hannan20Mount Evelyn, Victoria8
Phoebe Stewart15Busselton, Western Australia8
Royston Sagigi-Baira23Far North Queensland8
Sash Seabourne25Margaret River, Western Australia8
Ben Sheehy24Brisbane, Queensland8
Noora H27Sydney, New South Wales8
Jasey Fox26Central Coast, New South Wales811th
Maya Weiss28Melbourne, Victoria812th


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