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Bethany Byrne - Australian Idol Season 9 contestant in 2024
Bethany Byrne.

Bethany Byrne is an Australian singer and songwriter from Mooroolbark, Victoria.

She was a contestant in Season 9 of Australian Idol in 2024.

Bethany Byrne is 28 years old.

This single mother to one daughter is ready to prove that she can balance a singing career and motherhood.

Bethany studied Psychology (Honours) at the Australian College of Applied Professions.

She performs every weekend all over Melbourne at weddings, engagement parties, birthday parties, corporate and private events.


Name:Bethany Byrne
Age:28 years old
Hometown:Mooroolbark, Victoria
Occupation:Singer, songwriter


During the auditions, Bethany Byrne performed “Afterglow” by Ed Sheeran to prove to her daughter you can chase your dreams.

She received three ‘Yeses’ from judges Amy Shark, Marcia Hines, and Kyle Sandilands.

At the end of the audition day, the judges gave Bethany a Golden Ticket to the Top 30.

Top 30

During the Top 30 week, there were three performance challenges namely; “Chorus Line Challenge”, “Group Challenge”, and “Solo Challenge”.

Part 1

For the “Chorus Line Challenge”, Bethany Byrne was in a group with Dylan Wright, Jake Carlson, Kiani Smith, and Amy Reeves.

She sang “Always Remember Us This Way” by Lady Gaga and was put On Notice by the judges but later advanced to the second challenge of the Top 30 Week.

Part 2

For the “Group Challenge”, Bethany was in a group with Isaac McCallum and Denvah Baker-Moller.

She sang “Perfect” by Pink and advanced to the third and final challenge of the Top 30 Week.

Part 3

For the “Solo Challenge”, Bethany performed “Kiss Me” by Sixpence None the Richer and was put On Notice by the judges but later advanced to the Top 21.

Top 21

Bethany Byrne performed “Used to Be Young” by Miley Cyrus but was eliminated from the competition and missed out on advancing to the Top 12 finalists.

Performances in Australian Idol

RoundSong ChoiceOriginal ArtistTheme (if any)Result
Auditions“Afterglow”Ed SheeranGolden Ticket
Top 30 Part 1“Always Remember Us This Way”Lady GagaChorus Line ChallengeOn Notice – Advanced
Top 30 Part 2“Perfect”PinkGroup ChallengeAdvanced
Top 30 Part 3“Kiss Me”Sixpence None the RicherSolo ChallengeOn Notice – Advanced
Top 21“Used to Be Young”Miley CyrusTransformation WeekEliminated

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