Grand Finale: BBMzansi 2024 Week 10 Voting Poll of Season 4

Big Brother Mzansi Season 4 finalists in 2024
Big Brother Mzansi Season 4 finalists; PapaGhost, Mpumi, Sinaye, McJunior, Makhekhe, and Zee.

Grand Finale: Big Brother Mzansi Season 4 Week 10 Voting Poll in 2024 is now live on day 63 of the show.

Following the announcement of the Big Brother Mzansi Season 4 Week 9 voting results this evening, we finally have the complete list of our Grand Finalists.

Big Brother Mzansi Season 4 Grand Finalists

Below we look at all housemates who have made it into the grand finale week this season.

  • PapaGhost
  • McJunior
  • Zee
  • Makhekhe
  • Sinaye
  • Mpumi

Grand Finale: Big Brother Mzansi 2024 Week 10 Voting Poll

So now that you know the six grand finalists in week 10, kindly tell us the housemates you are voting for by taking part in the online voting poll below.

GRAND FINALE - BBMzansi 2024 Week 10: Who Are You Voting?

  • McJunior (34%, 4,068 Votes)
  • Makhekhe (25%, 2,916 Votes)
  • Zee (19%, 2,219 Votes)
  • Sinaye (13%, 1,492 Votes)
  • Mpumi (7%, 887 Votes)
  • PapaGhost (3%, 302 Votes)

Total Voters: 11,429

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Alternatively, you can tell us the housemates you are voting for this week by dropping their names in the comment section below.


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1,529 Responses

  1. T.M says:

    Good morning Khekhenation..All the best my son..God bless…

  2. T.M says:

    Khekhe 4 million

  3. T.M says:

    Team Khekhelizing

  4. T.M says:

    Rally behind Makhekhe

  5. T.M says:


  6. T.M says:

    2 million for Cakes

  7. Pakiso says:

    One man from the beginning not changing like a weather that man is Mcjunior Mcjunior

  8. T.M says:

    Cakes the winner

  9. T.M says:

    Good luck for tomorrow Makhekhe

  10. T.M says:

    Good luck for tomorrow

  11. T.M says:


  12. T.M says:

    Khekheleza the winner

  13. T.M says:

    Shoutout to Khekhe

  14. T.M says:

    Team Khekheleza phakama

  15. T.M says:

    Until you win my son

  16. T.M says:

    Gunning for Makhekhe

  17. T.M says:

    Please for Makhekhe

  18. T.M says:

    All the best my Khekhelezaaa

  19. T.M says:

    Let’s gooooo for Makhekhe

  20. T.M says:

    Vote for my favourite Makhekhe

  21. T.M says:

    Good morning Makhekhe

  22. Lungi says:

    Sinaye the Sniper

  23. Evelyn says:

    Makhekhe for 2m

  24. Mpali says:


  25. Pakiso says:

    Mcjunior the money man

  26. T.M says:

    Makhekhe!! I plan to adopt you…
    My vote

  27. T.M says:

    Mr Tau..Makhekhe

  28. T.M says:

    2million for Cakes

  29. T.M says:

    Money for Makhetha..I don’t know if you understand me..

  30. T.M says:

    Khekhelesa my boy

  31. T.M says:

    Love Makhekhe

  32. T.M says:

    Gweng Makhekhe

    • Phethile Modihapula says:

      Biggie cheated makhekhe though, he said if something falls you went back and fix, but sinaye didn’t fix, zee fixed.

  33. Deekay says:


  34. Tlhabane Rammutla says:

    Khekhenation for Bag of Money 💰

  35. Tlhabane Rammutla says:


  36. Tlhabane Rammutla says:


  37. Tlhabane Rammutla says:

    Makhekhe for 💸 💰

  38. Tlhabane Rammutla says:

    Siyakhekheleza for ever

  39. T.M says:

    Team Makhekhe where are you..

  40. T.M says:

    Vote Makhekhe

  41. T.M says:

    Makhekhe for the millio

  42. T.M says:

    All the best Makhekhe

  43. T.M says:

    Love you Khekheleza

  44. T.M says:

    Son in law Makhekhe

  45. T.M says:

    Vote for Makhekhe

  46. T.M says:

    The one and only Khekheleza

  47. T.M says:

    Good luck Makhekhe

  48. Yvonne says:

    Mpumi ❤️❤️

  49. Tlhabane Rammutla says:

    Take care of 2M Makhekhe More ❤️💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

  50. Tlhabane Rammutla says:


  51. Tlhabane Rammutla says:

    Only 1 day count down for 2M Makhekhe 🤌🤌🤌🤌🤌

  52. Rapule says:

    i have proudly supported Mjunero, Mc JUNIOR…. the peoples person

  53. User Athandile says:


  54. Ntando says:

    Zee the winner

  55. Nomava says:

    Sinaye 👍🏼

  56. Nomava says:

    Sinaye to the world all the way

  57. Nomava says:

    Sinaye to the world

  58. Nomava says:

    Forever Sinaye

  59. Nomava says:

    Sinaye forever

  60. Tobeka says:

    Sinaye the one and only owner of the 2mil

  61. Tobeka says:

    Sinaye the deserver moola

  62. Fezeka says:


  63. T.M says:

    Khekhe for cakes

  64. Tobeka says:

    Sinaye the deserver of R2mil.

  65. Tobeka says:

    Sinaye the owner of the 2mil.

  66. Tobeka says:

    Sinaye sinawe ne 2mil mfowethu

  67. Tobeka says:

    I vote for Sinaye.

  68. Tobeka says:

    I vote for Sinaye all the way

  69. Tobeka says:

    Sinaye the main man for 2mil

  70. Tobeka says:

    Sinaye the finslist, 2mil is his.

  71. Tobeka says:

    Sinaye Sinaye Sinaye Sinaye

  72. Tobeka says:

    Its a sure thing Sinaye is taking the 2mil home

  73. T.M says:

    Team Khekheleza wake up

  74. T.M says:

    Vote for Cakes

  75. Magdeline Tleane says:

    Makhathini Junior for ever

  76. T.M says:


  77. T.M says:


  78. T.M says:

    Team Makhekhe

  79. Doctor says:

    Mc juju mcmillion Mr bean mc junior for 2million bbm season 4 WINNNER👏👏👏👏👏🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊✨✨✨✨✨✨✨💐💐💐💐🤑🤑🤑🤑

  80. T.M says:

    Khekhe maan you killed the wager

  81. T.M says:


  82. Themba says:

    Mc junior 2 million 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  83. Sally says:


  84. T.M says:


  85. Tlhabane Rammutla says:

    Makhekhe for the whole world 🌎 ❤️

  86. dansile mashego says:

    Sinaye forever

  87. T.M says:

    Team Makhetha please don’t sleep

  88. T.M says:

    Khekheleza, Cakes Bakers are behind you

  89. T.M says:

    Makhekhe all the way

  90. T.M says:

    Makhekhe the winner

  91. T.M says:

    Makhekhe bring the meter

  92. Gamros says:

    Khekhellion go boy we’re on your back

  93. T.M says:

    Makhekhe I don’t know if you understand me..Please bring the million

  94. T.M says:

    Makhekhe 🙏🏻

  95. T.M says:

    Makhekhe for this one please

  96. tshepo says:

    For ever and ever Mpumi

  97. T.M says:

    Khekhe 4 2mil

  98. tshepo says:

    Mpumi for a win

  99. tshepo says:


  100. Pakiso says:

    Mcnunior siyamosha

  101. Gugu says:


  102. Gugu says:

    Sinaye 🤩🤩🤩

  103. Gugu says:

    Nina nawe snaye 🔥🔥

  104. Pakiso says:

    Mcjunior mfana wa kzn..

  105. Pakiso says:



  106. Tlhabane Rammutla says:

    Makhekhe for Me

  107. Tlhabane Rammutla says:

    Khekhenation 💫💫💫💫

  108. Tlhabane Rammutla says:


  109. Tlhabane Rammutla says:

    Makhekhe the winner

  110. Pakiso says:

    Mcjunior finalist

  111. Pakiso says:

    Me myself I Mcjunior

  112. Pakiso says:

    King of.king Mcjunior

  113. Pakiso says:

    Mcjunior jujuujuuuu

  114. Pakiso says:

    I stand with my one leg to biiff up for Mcjunior

  115. Betty says:

    Zee for the 2M

  116. Pakiso says:

    Mcjunior higher nd higher

  117. Nombuza says:

    Sinaye sinawe all the way

  118. Pakiso says:

    Masiphakameni.for the.winner. Umcjunior ndiyacela bandla

  119. Sibongile S Skhosana says:

    Zee zizonke good luck

  120. Gugu says:

    Snaye 🔥💯🔥

  121. Gugu says:

    We love you 💖💖💖 snaye

  122. Pakiso says:

    Mcjunior the game player from the beginning to.the end..not pretending. But doing his thing game player the really Mcjuuuuu

  123. Gugu says:


  124. Gugu says:

    A winner himself snaye

  125. Gugu says:


  126. Gugu says:

    Best of luck snaye

  127. Gugu says:

    Snaye top three

  128. Gugu says:


  129. Gugu says:

    Mola Mola snaye

  130. Gugu says:

    The world is waiting for sinaye

  131. Gugu says:

    Sinaye the winner 🎯🎯

  132. Pakiso says:

    Well Well is Mcjunior again again nd again.

  133. Gugu says:

    My boy snaye

  134. Gugu says:

    Let’s push sinaye

  135. Gugu says:


  136. Pakiso says:

    My brother my Mcjunior. Mcjunior

  137. Gugu says:

    2meter is waiting for you sinaye

  138. Gugu says:

    I’m behind you snaye

  139. Gugu says:

    King snaye always

  140. Gugu says:

    Sinaye way wayyyyyy

  141. Gugu says:

    Siyamosha no sinaye

  142. Gugu says:

    Sinaye the winner

  143. Naome says:

    Makhekhe makhekhe makhekhe makhekhe

  144. Nomava says:

    Sinaye all the way

  145. Nomava says:

    For Sinaye

  146. Mbali Mtshali says:

    Mc Junior

  147. Pakiso says:

    Mcjunior the last step on the ladder

  148. Pakiso says:

    Mjenure….mcjuuuuu Mcjunior. For the money let us hit harder..pls team Mcjunior

  149. Pakiso says:

    Mcjunior winner majunior.mathaousand

  150. Tlhomedi Thandi Tlhomedi says:

    vote Mc junior

  151. otho says:


  152. SUZI MOTSHWANE says:

    Makhekhe Makhekhe

  153. Nomava says:

    Vote Sinaye pls

  154. Nomava says:

    Sinaye the King

  155. Ziniah Matlala says:

    Khekheleza for 2m,we are behind you ntwana yaka

  156. Betty Elizabeth Masilela says:


  157. Queen Queen says:

    Sinaye for me please Khosi help vote for Sinaye

  158. Themba says:

    Mc junior 2 million winner 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌👏👏👏👏👏👏

  159. Gugu says:

    Sinaye cool dog

  160. Gugu says:

    2million is your’s sinaye

  161. Ali says:

    Mc juju 2 million 🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑

  162. Zanele Veronica says:

    Mc junior 2 million 🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑

  163. Gugu says:


  164. Bafana says:

    Mc junior 2 million winner

  165. Gugu says:

    Sinaye the signer

  166. Gugu says:

    Snaye we love you

  167. Gugu says:

    Snaye 💖💖💖🌟🌟🌟

  168. Gugu says:


  169. Gugu says:


  170. Gugu says:

    ❤️‍🔥for snaye

  171. Gugu says:

    The best man snaye

  172. Gugu says:

    Snaye 💋💋💯

  173. Gugu says:

    Asambe boy snaye

  174. Gugu says:

    Snaye the signer

  175. Gugu says:

    Team snaye let’s push

  176. Gugu says:

    Snaye till last day

  177. Gugu says:

    Snaye the man

  178. Gugu says:

    Up snaye

  179. Gugu says:

    Let’s push snaye

  180. Gugu says:

    🔥🔥🔥🔥 sinaye

  181. Gugu says:

    Team sinaye asambe

  182. Gugu says:

    Sinaye thatha

  183. Gugu says:

    🙏🙏 sinaye

  184. Gugu says:

    Sinaye snaye

  185. Gugu says:


  186. Gugu says:

    Snaye all the way

  187. Gugu says:

    Man of the house sinaye ❤️

  188. Gugu says:

    I’m for mkhaya sinaye

  189. Gugu says:

    Voting for snayeeeee

  190. Gugu says:

    For me sinaye

  191. Gugu says:

    🥰🥰🥰 sinye

  192. Gugu says:

    🤙🤙 snaye

  193. Thamsanqa Njilo says:

    McJunior all the way

  194. Nokwanda Shebi Dlomo 🔥❤️ Zanele says:


  195. Nokwanda Shebi Dlomo 🔥❤️ Zanele says:

    Mc juju ❤️❤️❤️❤️🌺

  196. Tobeka says:

    Sinaye the millionaire

  197. Tobeka says:

    Team Sinaye all the way

  198. Tobeka says:

    Sinaye for me

  199. Nomava says:

    Vote Sinaye

  200. Tobeka says:

    Sinaye for everyone

  201. Inomtha says:

    Sinaye for the million🙏🙏

  202. Lindiwe says:

    Mpumi landan

  203. Mlungisi says:


  204. Lindiwe says:

    Mpumi for the mulla

  205. Ongeh says:

    Please Vote Sinaye

  206. Ongeh says:


  207. Pakiso says:

    I m going far.with Mcjunior I’m keeping Mcjunior in this race

  208. Lindiwe says:

    Mpumi all the way

  209. Pakiso says:

    I m putting my.100 percent to Mcjunior

  210. Nomava says:


  211. Paula says:

    MC Junior To Win

  212. Nombulelo says:

    Sinaye is the winner. Halala!

  213. Lesego says:

    Mc junior my boy all the way

  214. Mbali Mtshali says:

    Vote for Mc Junior

  215. Charlotte Sambo says:

    McJunior for the win

  216. Thamsanqa Njilo says:

    Vote for MCJUNIOR

  217. Charlie says:

    Sinaye for the Milliooooooon

  218. DEM DEM says:

    Mpumiiii 012 ke number plate

  219. User Athandile says:

    My vote to Senaye

  220. Pakiso says:

    Mjenero Mcmillion. Ke.yena fela.

  221. aman says:

    sinaye for 2M

  222. aman says:


  223. Rachel says:


  224. Rachel says:


  225. One says:

    Mpumi for de mullar

  226. SUZI MOTSHWANE says:

    Makhekhe the winner

  227. Pakiso says: see Mcjunior taking the money away.and runs to starts his business

  228. Pakiso says:

    Mcjunior deserve mcjunior

  229. Pakiso says:

    We love you junior be strong focus three days to go

  230. Sinoxolo says:

    Sinaye for the 2million

  231. Nola says:


  232. Pakiso says:

    Mcjunior handsome man..

  233. Amanda says:

    Makhekhe for 2m

  234. Tlhabane Rammutla says:

    Siyakhekheleza with u✌️✌️✌️

  235. Ngikhulile says:

    Mc juniour

  236. Tlhabane Rammutla says:

    Makhekhe 🎂 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌

  237. Tlhabane Rammutla says:

    All the best for u khekhelicious

  238. Tlhabane Rammutla says:

    Just keeping 🚶‍♂️Khekheleza till u got 2M

  239. Tlhabane Rammutla says:

    Thee winner Makhekhe

  240. Tlhabane Rammutla says:


  241. Tlhabane Rammutla says:

    Ntwana ya se Kazi Khekheleza

  242. PM says:


  243. Pakiso says:

    Force fully….let us punch..more nd more votes for M junior

  244. Pakiso says:

    Love 😍 to see Mcjunior to walk away with price

  245. Violet says:

    MC JUNIOR all the way

  246. Ndo says:

    Khekhe gang where are you… Vote vote vote Makhekhe guys.

  247. Khuli says:

    Khekhe gang where are you… Vote vote vote Makhekhe guys.

  248. Pakiso says:

    Vote Mcnunior100 times

  249. Khanyisa says:


  250. Tlhomedi Thandi Tlhomedi says:

    Vote Mac Junior

  251. Pakiso says:

    Price to .our.Mr Bean Mr mjerero our Mcjunior

  252. Pocshcadollar says:

    Makhekhe must win the R2mil

  253. Pakiso says:

    For you Mcjunior grand price

  254. Thabang says:

    Mpumi ❤️

  255. Pakiso says:

    We are behind you Mcjunior

  256. Julie eva says:

    Mc force Good morning ….keep voting

  257. John Nyonga says:


  258. Thabang says:

    Mpumi Mpumi❤️

  259. Lungi says:

    Sinaye for the money

  260. Lungi says:

    Sinaye for 2m 💯💯💯

  261. Lungi says:

    Sinaye for the money, team Sinaye let’s push

  262. Lungi says:

    Sinaye for 2m, lets push guys

  263. Gugu says:

    Good lucky sinaye

  264. Gugu says:

    Snaye 💋💋

  265. Gugu says:

    Behind you snaye

  266. Gugu says:

    Sinaye boy boy

  267. Gugu says:

    Sinaye 🎯❤️

  268. Gugu says:

    2million sinaye

  269. Gugu says:

    To my boy sinaye

  270. Gugu says:

    My 100 vote for sinaye

  271. Gugu says:

    Sihamba nawe sinaye

  272. Gugu says:

    🎯🎯 sinaye

  273. Gugu says:

    My 👑 sinaye

  274. Gugu says:

    Sinaye till the end

  275. Gugu says:

    Sinaye Kotobe ❤️❤️❤️💕💕

  276. Gugu says:

    For only sinaye

  277. Gugu says:


  278. Gugu says:

    The house Man sinaye

  279. Gugu says:

    The king sinaye

  280. Gugu says:

    Voting sinaye

  281. Gugu says:

    Siyamosha snaye

  282. Gugu says:

    Sinaye humble Man

  283. Gugu says:

    100% ❤️sinaye

  284. Gugu says:

    Sinaye 🤣🤣🤣

  285. Nelly says:

    Mc Junior to the world

  286. Gugu says:

    Voting for snaye

  287. Gugu says:


  288. Gugu says:


  289. Gugu says:

    🤙🤙 sinaye

  290. Gugu says:


  291. Gugu says:

    Sinaye Top 6

  292. Gugu says:

    Man of the house sinaye

  293. Gugu says:

    💯💯% sinaye

  294. Gugu says:

    Sinaye 🤩🤩

  295. Gugu says:

    Sinaye 💕 sinaye 🔥

  296. Gugu says:

    Ohhh snaye

  297. Gugu says:

    To the final sinaye

  298. Gugu says:

    Sinaye 🥰 💯

  299. Gugu says:

    Sinaye for me

  300. Gugu says:

    Sinaye all the way

  301. Gugu says:

    Sinaye waya waya

  302. Gugu says:

    Vote sinaye

  303. Gugu says:

    Sinaye 🥰😘😍

  304. Gugu says:

    Yebo sinaye

  305. Ncamisile says:

    Let’s push harder guys MC junior

  306. bam says:


  307. Zanele says:

    Mc juju 2 million

  308. Bafana says:

    Mc juju 2 million

  309. Ali says:

    Mcjuju 2million

  310. Themba says:

    The 2million is ur #mcjuju

  311. Zanele says:

    Mc juju

  312. tshepo says:

    Until Sunday mpumi.

  313. tshepo says:

    012 ke number plate ya Mpumi

  314. MAHLANGU says:

    Mpumi queen yase landan

  315. tshepo says:

    Mpumi let’s go. I vote for you

  316. Sbongile says:

    Sinaye the winner for 2 m

  317. Sbongile says:


  318. Yvonne says:

    Vote for mpumi

  319. Yvonne says:

    Mpumi my baby

  320. Serwetsana says:

    Ngwanyana wa tash line … chipi ya pirara, paniki le sekhurumelo ke ntho e 1 ho Mpumi

  321. Serwetsana says:

    Mpumi ngwanyana wa tash line … chipi ya pirara

  322. Serwetsana says:

    Mpumi ngwanyana wa tash line … 012 ke number plate chomi

  323. Paulina says:

    Sinaye Sinaye Sinayeeeee

  324. Gugu says:

    Sinaye for two meter

  325. Gugu says:

    Sinaye ,💖💖

  326. Paulina says:

    Sinaye hope you will win

  327. Gugu says:

    Sinaye 🥰🥰

  328. Gugu says:

    Sinaye 🤞🤞🤞

  329. Gugu says:

    Voteeee for snaye