Spartan (Khan Porter) | Gladiators Australia 2024

Spartan (Khan Porter) - Gladiators Australia 2024
Gladiator Spartan – whose real name is Khan Porter.

Spartan whose real name is Khan Porter, is an Australian CrossFit Games athlete from New South Wales.

He is a Gladiator on Gladiators Australia 2024.

Khan Porter is 33 years old.


Real name:Khan Porter
State/Territory:New South Wales
Height:183 cm
Weight:92 kg
Occupation:CrossFit Games athlete
Years:2023 – present

In the Arena, Spartan lives up to his name; he’s a ruthless, disciplined warrior.

He is born and bred for battle, a feared soldier who intimidates his opponent in any way he can. Spartan has great courage and self-discipline.

Honour is important to him. Pain is no barrier. Spartan will push himself, and Contenders, to the limit and win at any cost.

Growing up on the Central Coast of New South Wales, Khan Porter calls New South Wales home when not competing overseas.

Having spent the last eleven years competing at the highest levels of CrossFit, sport has been a big part of his life.

To support his physical endeavours, Khan studied psychology and philosophy to help him better manage his mental health.

Having dealt with anxiety, ADHD, and periods of depression since he was young, Khan is proud to share his mental health journey with his fitness community, hopefully helping others in the process.


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