Dee Valladares | Survivor Season 45

Dee Valladares Survivor USA contestant
Dee Valladares.

Dee Valladares is an American entrepreneur from Havana, Cuba. She is a contestant on Survivor Season 45 in 2023.

Valladares is 26 years old.

She currently lives in Miami, Florida.


Name:Dee Valladares
Date of Birth:October 2, 1996
Age:26 years
Hometown:Havana, Cuba
Current Residence:Miami, Florida

3 Words to Describe You: Fiery, wildly enthusiastic, and empathetic.

Why do you want to be part of Survivor? I can’t just give one answer. First and foremost, I want my family to be set. My parents left their familiarity behind in Cuba so that I could fulfill my dreams. Secondly, I want to live a rare life surrounded by rare individuals and I can’t do that unless I place myself in situations where I don’t belong — like here. Finally, I want that immigrant kid watching the show to know that the mind is powerful beyond measure. You can do more than you think you can.

What’s one life experience you feel has prepared you for the game? Starting my business at 23. I’ve learned how to turn an idea into reality, how to navigate hardships when finances were uncertain, and how to become a better business partner. This will help me in the strategic/social aspect of the game.

Which previous player do you identify with the most? Who do you think you will play most like? I identify the most with Jesse. His why and my why are the exact same: Family above all else. I feel like I will play the game like Tony. Dude was a lot of fun to watch and was the ultimate persuader.

What will you value in an alliance partner? Someone who sticks to their word. In a game where deceit is inevitable, staying true to their word will get us further along. No one gets to the end by themselves anyway. Also, someone who is having fun! We’re all stuck together on an island, so why not have fun??

Favorite Hobbies: CrossFit (don’t judge), running, traveling, anything outdoors, spending time with family, anything that gets my heart racing.

Pet Peeves: Bad tippers, road ragers, constantly being late, [and] injustice to kids, old people or dogs.

What is the accomplishment you are most proud of? Running and completing my first full marathon when, prior to signing up, I had only ever run three miles. 26.3 miles scared the s— out of me, so I put it on my calendar and figured out the “how” along the way.

What is something we would never know from looking at you? I am not a college graduate. Five years later and my family still thinks I have my Bachelors. Whoops! Technically, in my head, I did graduate because I shook the [school] president’s hand. Six months into waiting for my diploma, I found out I failed a class by one letter grade. Surprise, mom!

Who in your life is your biggest inspiration and why? My dad. He is my perfect example of not needing materialistic items to be happy. And I think I’ve only ever seen him mad three times!

Why will you be the Sole Survivor? It’s already happened in my mind daily. I’m going to be the person out there who doesn’t quit, and most importantly, the person who cares the most.

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