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Winna Bhun - Australian Survivor: Titans V Rebels Castaway in 2024
Winna Bhun.

Winna Bhun is a competitive eater and TikToker from Sydney, New South Wales.

He is a castaway in Australian Survivor: Titans V Rebels (Season 11) in 2024.

Winna Bhun is 25 years old.


Name:Winna Bhun
Age:25 years old
Hometown:Sydney, New South Wales
Occupation(s):Competitive eater, TikToker

A TikToker with over 930,000 followers and a competitive eater ranked eighth in Australia, Winna has the charm and the skill to go all the way and a few tricks to make it more comfortable for him as well.

“If I win any Reward challenges, I’ll just stock up my stomach and eat enough to last the whole two months! If you look the wrong way, I’m gonna eat all your food haha.”

Winna says while most people laugh at him for his competitive eating, he thinks it will help in the jungle as it has given him a strong pain tolerance saying there are lots of obstacles to physically overcome in pro eating and he has the mental ability to push through that.

An ex-engineer and now in engineer recruitment, Winna got into competitive eating after seeing a competition in a Japanese restaurant to win a trip to Japan.

He says, “I got to around 50 plates, looked around and everyone stopped eating but I kept going and won the ticket. I went to Japan and realised something was very wrong with me haha.”

Admitting Australian Survivor is basically a sales pitch he would do every day, Winna says, “Life is sales no matter what it is – a job interview, a girlfriend. If you can show you’re valuable, then people will want you around. And I’m going to do that on this island.”

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