BBMzansi 2024 Week 9 Voting Poll and Nominations of Season 4

Big Brother Mzansi Season 4 week 9 nominated housemates in 2024
Big Brother Mzansi 2024 week 9 nominated housemates.

The Big Brother Mzansi Season 4 Week 9 nominations and Voting Poll in 2024 are here.

After this evening’s Big Brother Mzansi Season 4 Week 9 Head of House games that ended with PapaGhost once again winning the week’s Head of House title, the nominations soon followed.

Big Brother Mzansi Season 4 Week 9 Nominations

Below we take a look at how the housemates have nominated each other in week 9 of Big Brother Mzansi season 4.

Housemate1st Nomination2nd Nomination

Below is a table showing the number of times each housemate has been nominated in week 9.

HousemateNumber of Nominations

After the whole nominations exercise this evening, there were seven nominated housemates namely; Mpumi, Liema, Willy, Makhekhe, McJunior, Sinaye, and Zee.

The nominated housemates then played Biggie’s Game of Fate which ended with Liema winning the 1st round after she pulled a red marble in a pool of blue ones.

Liema was then moved to 2nd round of the Game where she was given two options by Big Brother,

Option 1: Take R250,000 and exit the house
Option 2: Stay in the house and take a shot at the R2 million grand prize

Liema selected the first option of taking R250,000 and exiting the Big Brother Mzansi house.

Big Brother Mzansi 2024 Week 9 Nominated Housemates

The seven nominated housemates became six after Liema was evicted from the house in the Fate Room.

Below is the list of Week 9’s six nominated housemates.

  1. Makhekhe
  2. McJunior
  3. Mpumi
  4. Sinaye
  5. Willy
  6. Zee

Big Brother Mzansi 2024 Week 9 Voting Poll

So now that you know the six nominated housemates of week 9, please let us know which housemates you are voting for by participating in the online voting poll below.

BBMzansi 2024 Week 9: Who Are You Voting?

  • McJunior (27%, 3,542 Votes)
  • Makhekhe (23%, 2,961 Votes)
  • Zee (22%, 2,846 Votes)
  • Sinaye (19%, 2,462 Votes)
  • Mpumi (9%, 1,131 Votes)
  • Willy (1%, 176 Votes)

Total Voters: 12,448

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Likewise, you can let us the housemates you are voting for this week by dropping their names in the comment section below.


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953 Responses

  1. Sharz says:

    McJunior for the 2 million

  2. Chacha says:

    Makhekhe for the moolah

  3. Nomvume Mpiyakhe says:

    Makhekhe khekheleza

  4. Khuli says:


  5. Ali says:

    Mcjuju 🤑🤑🤑🤑

  6. tshepo says:

    Our lady is trying hard. Let’s vote for her

  7. Mpho Matlala says:

    I can’t wait to party with Willy Mpumi and Mr Bean evethough Willy is going home tomorrow

  8. Adam says:


  9. maryam says:


  10. tshepo says:

    Let’s vote for mpumi guys

  11. Secrit says:


  12. Dee says:


  13. tshepo says:

    Till the last day. Mpumi

  14. tshepo says:

    Team Mpumi.. guys where are you. I Stan for mpumi

  15. tshepo says:

    The terminator. Dancer. The actor. The one and only Mpumiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  16. tshepo says:

    Chipi ya Pitori. Mpumi 012.l vote for her

  17. tshepo says:

    My vote goes to mpumi

  18. tshepo says:


  19. tshepo says:


  20. tshepo says:

    Team Mpumi let’s push hardef

  21. tshepo says:

    My vote goes to mpumi

  22. nozipho says:


  23. Paulina says:

    Liema fans let’s go for Sinaye please

  24. Pat Dvd says:

    My vote is for Sinaye

  25. Pat Dvd says:

    I vote Sinaye

  26. Pat Dvd says:

    Sinaye till the last day

  27. Indigenous says:


  28. Andiswa says:

    Sinaye Kotobe ♥️♥️

  29. Kororo says:

    Mc junior all the way

  30. Adwoa says:


  31. Mpendulo says:

    Makhekhe boi 🔥🔥🔥 I’m here for you ntwana uyeke lempongo ewuPapa Ghost…ngihamba nawe Makhekhe sarn “I don’t know if you understand”

  32. Eric says:

    Mc junior

  33. Nokuthula Mbonambi says:

    Mc Junior all the way

  34. Destiny says:

    Makhekhe 🍰

  35. Dee says:

    MC J & CAKES 4L

  36. Motshabi Pitso says:

    Mac jujuuu all the way

  37. Pakiso says:


  38. Nenene says:


  39. cathren says:

    lets vote for makhekhe

  40. Nokukhanya says:

    Makhekhe and McJ

  41. pinkdollar says:

    Sinaye is the winner of bbmzansi season 4 #bbmzasi

  42. Pakiso says:

    Go slow Mcjunior surprise them till last day

  43. Ntombomzi Patricia says:

    Sinaye to the final

  44. Pakiso says:

    I’m .following the way….

  45. Khabonina says:


  46. Jabu says:

    Mc Junior ❤️

  47. Sky says:

    I voted for Sinaye

  48. Lindi Bodibe says:

    Makhekhe for the money

  49. Nceni Motsema says:

    Makhekhe all the way

  50. Yolokazi Mfanase says:

    Mc Junior

  51. Yolokazi Mfanase says:

    Mc Junior all the way…we are constantly voting for you broe🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  52. Johanna Henock says:

    Zee for the Win

  53. Pakiso says:

    Only Mcjunior

  54. tshepo says:

    Mpumi for muuuuuuuuuulah. I vote for you

  55. tshepo says:

    012.number plate for Pitori girl

  56. tshepo says:

    Mpumi deserve to be at top 5

  57. tshepo says:

    Vote for Mpumi

  58. Tlhabane Rammutla says:


  59. Tlhabane Rammutla says:

    All there way Makhekhe

  60. tshepo says:

    Mpumi deserve to be in the finall

  61. tshepo says:

    Mpumi ntwanaka ya Pitori. Go girl the world is watching for your talent. I vote for you

  62. Tlhabane Rammutla says:

    Makhekhe for us💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

  63. Tlhabane Rammutla says:

    Makhekhe for Finale

  64. Tlhabane Rammutla says:

    King 🎂

  65. Tlhabane Rammutla says:

    Makhekhelicious for ever

  66. tshepo says:

    Team Mpumi let’s move. Don’t disappoint our girl. Let’s vote

  67. tshepo says:


  68. Sandra says:

    Zee for the win

  69. Sandra says:

    Vote Zee

  70. Sandra says:

    Queen Zee for the money

  71. Sandra says:

    Zee for the money 💰

  72. Kaysoh says:

    Hence Why I Say Khekheleza All The Way,We Keep Flying🧗‍♀️ I Don’t Know If You Understand Me🔥❤👌

  73. Ndumie says:


  74. Hlobsile says:

    Mc Junior

  75. Thapy Agreement9 says:

    Mac junior for 2meter

  76. tshepo says:

    Mpumi the dancer. Mpumi the entertainer. Task winner. I vote for you

  77. tshepo says:

    Team Mpumi wake up let’s vote for Mpumi

  78. tshepo says:

    Mpumi this is for you. Mpumilion

  79. Pakiso says:

    KNZ let us go for Mcjunior

  80. Evelyn Miya says:

    Makhekhe for 2 million.

  81. Patdvd says:

    Sinaye you go Thangana vote

  82. Patricia David says:

    Sinayeeeeee the finalist

  83. Hannah says:


  84. Ntombomzi Patricia says:

    💯💯 behind you Sinaye with my votes

  85. Hlophe Ntombi says:

    Khekheleza Makhekhe R2mil is yours

  86. Mojabeng Dimpane says:

    Makhekhe is the winner of the game 2024. The true son of the son that took his kasi life in Biggie’s house. Free State loves you Makhekhe

  87. Primrose says:

    Vote for Mac jnr

  88. Ncamisile says:

    MC junior

  89. Azande says:

    Zee my girl

  90. Nomaswazi says:


  91. Khabonina says:

    McJunior Biggie brother!!( in Yolanda’s voice)

  92. Nomvume Mpiyakhe says:

    Mc jnr

  93. Talisah says:

    Zee to win

  94. Pat Dvd says:

    Sinaye till day 72

  95. Sbo says:

    Our guy, our McJunior, strategist and smart 🤓 2 million goes to you, our winner. Let the best game player win💪

  96. Nomvume Mpiyakhe says:


  97. tshepo says:

    Mpumi all the way. 0122

  98. tshepo says:


  99. Koketso says:

    Zee for the money

  100. Koketso says:


  101. Mmoni says:

    Zee Dominators please let’s wake up and do this

  102. Sbongile says:

    The Queen is back to the Castle Zeenaye our Top Two finish

  103. Tumelo mphela says:

    Mc junior

  104. Tlhabane Rammutla says:

    Makhekhe Thee future Milioner

  105. Johanna says:

    Zee The dancer go girl I got your back

  106. Tlhabane Rammutla says:


  107. Tlhabane Rammutla says:

    Makhekhelicious 💖💖💖💖💖💖

  108. Sthembile Mathenjwa says:


  109. Pakiso says:

    Vote vote vote. MCJUNIOR.MCJUNIOR

  110. Pakiso says:

    Mcjunior Mcjunior

  111. Sibongile says:

    Zee Zintle

  112. Nkosazana says:

    M junior

  113. Nokuthula says:

    Mc Junior all the way

  114. Khumo Kope says:


  115. Charmaine says:

    Thank you captain Morgan team mac j lets goooooooooo.

  116. Darren Aris says:

    I’m voting for mehekehe Mehekehe

  117. Darren Aris says:

    I’m voting for mehekehe

  118. Darren Aris says:

    Mehekehe Mehekehe Mehekehe Mehekehe Mehekehe all the wayyyyy

  119. Khumo Kope says:


  120. Darren Aris says:

    Mehekehe Mehekehe Mehekehe Mehekehe Mehekehe Mehekehe Mehekehe

  121. Paulina says:

    On your marks for Sinaye

  122. Khabonina says:

    McJuniour all the way! 💃🏽💃🏽

  123. Khabonina says:

    I’m voting for Mcjunior all the way!

  124. Paulina says:

    Let’s push for Sinaye almost there

  125. Paulina says:

    Sinaye nation

  126. Diane Kope says:


  127. Silindile Mchunu says:

    Let’s push harder team Mc Force

  128. Darren Aris says:

    Mehekehe Mehekehe Mehekehe Mehekehe to the grand finale

  129. Darren Aris says:

    Pls,vote fir Mehekehe Mehekehe Mehekehe Mehekehe Mehekehe all the wayyyyy.

  130. Darren Aris says:

    Rooting for mehekehe Mehekehe Mehekehe Mehekehe Mehekehe.

  131. Mavis says:


  132. Memoe says:

    Mpumi 1000 votes

  133. Darren Aris says:

    #team Mehekehe

  134. Darren Aris says:

    Mehekehe Mehekehe Mehekehe for the finals

  135. Nedo says:

    Voting forvMacJunior tonwin

  136. Paulina says:

    Sinaye the best guy

  137. Paulina says:

    Vote for Sinaye ❤️

  138. Elvin says:


  139. Hlophe Ntombi says:

    Makhekhe keep for 2M

  140. Hlophe Ntombi says:


  141. Whitney says:

    Mc Junior

  142. Matshediso Kgosimere says:


  143. Sbongile says:

    beautiful king Sinaye

  144. nkiru says:


  145. Ncamisile says:

    80 votes for MC junior

  146. Thandi Tlhomedi says:


  147. Lebo says:

    Makhekhe season 4 winner

  148. Diane Kope says:


  149. Eureka says:

    Khekheleza for 2 meter…the boy is so so deserving

  150. Lebo says:

    Makhekhe Darli Makhekhe

  151. Stella says:


  152. Lebo says:

    Ntho tse Mnate makhekhe

  153. Lebo says:

    Khekheleza Makhekhes

  154. Lebo says:

    Ntate Cakes Makhekhe

  155. Lebo says:

    Makhekhe must win

  156. Pakiso says:


  157. Lebo says:

    Voting for Makhekhe

  158. Thembisa Bonga says:


  159. MantshiM says:

    I vote my 100 votes for Willy.

  160. Diane Kope says:


  161. Thokozani says:

    Sinaye, we vote for you

  162. Elasie says:

    MC junior for 2million

  163. Tlhabane Rammutla says:


  164. Tlhabane Rammutla says:

    Makhekhe 🤏🤏

  165. Mmoni says:

    Zee ntombazana

  166. Emmanuel says:


  167. Tlhabane Rammutla says:

    2M is in the BANK Cakes is waiting for u

  168. Tlhabane Rammutla says:


  169. Tlhabane Rammutla says:

    I bet with all My 1000 votes on u Makhekhe

  170. Tlhabane Rammutla says:


  171. Tlhabane Rammutla says:

    The money it’s yours Khekheleza

  172. Tlhabane Rammutla says:

    Makhekhe for 💰 💰

  173. Tlhabane Rammutla says:

    Makhekhe all the way💥💥💥💥💥💥💥

  174. Tlhabane Rammutla says:

    2M to Makhekhe

  175. Tlhabane Rammutla says:

    We Got u Makhekhe

  176. Tlhabane Rammutla says:


  177. Pakiso says:

    Mcjunior forward

  178. Sbongile says:

    I want to see Sinaye 👑 as a winner of 2million period

  179. Malik says:

    It’s Zee or Nobody

  180. Lebo says:

    Gooooooooooood Mooooooooring KheKheNation

  181. Sbongile says:

    Sinaye shippers Asambeni asambeni this is bad vote vote for Sinaye

  182. Lerato Molefe says:

    I voucher for Mac J, Mpumi And Makhekhe Danko.

  183. Sbongile says:

    wake up guys lets that vote come plz for Sinaye

  184. Sbongile says:

    Yoooo good people whats happening where are you lets push lets phish for Sinaye

  185. MomoTee says:


  186. Andiswa says:

    Sinaye Sinaye Sinaye Sinaye

  187. Andiswa says:

    Sinaye Sinaye

  188. Andiswa says:

    Sinaye Sinaye Sinaye

  189. joyce charlie says:


  190. BoYzn says:


  191. Sewela Annah says:


  192. Mmoni says:

    Zinhle Mofokeng let go

  193. Malindis says:

    Makhekhe…!!!!!!!!!! Kasi boy

  194. Hlophe Ntombi says:

    Good morning Big brother and MAKHEKHE

  195. Hlophe Ntombi says:

    MAKHEKHE for the 2m

  196. Sizah says:

    Good morning Big brother and housemates and fellow SA

  197. Refilwe Raphaladi says:

    Willy Mathousand

  198. Mmoni says:

    Please give me voting option button

  199. Angel says:

    Zee must win and all haters will cry blood

  200. Konda says:

    Sinayeeeeeeee sinayeeeeeee sinayeeeeee sinayeeeee sinayeeeeeeee sinayeeeee for the 2 million

  201. Pakiso says:

    Love you Mcjunior with all my everything

  202. Lulama says:


  203. Pakiso says:

    My mcjunior go straight to finals week

  204. Pakiso says:

    Let us vote for Mcjunior 💯

  205. Matshediso Kgosimere says:


  206. Matshediso Kgosimere says:


  207. Bankole Mariam says:

    Zeee all the way

  208. Pakiso says:

    Mcjunior Mcjuniorlet us vote for.our mcjunior

  209. Paulina says:

    Sinaye good morning we vote for you

  210. Zusiphe says:

    Snyosrs we goo

  211. Andiswa says:

    Sinaye ❤️

  212. Andiswa says:

    Sinaye ♥️♥️

  213. Andiswa says:

    Sinaye ♥️

  214. Andiswa says:

    Sinaye 🎯🎯❤️❤️

  215. Andiswa says:

    Sinaye ♥️🎯

  216. Andiswa says:

    Sinaye 🎯🎯

  217. Andiswa says:

    Sinaye ♥️♥️🎯🎯

  218. Andiswa says:

    Sinaye ❤️❤️

  219. Andiswa says:

    Sinaye Kotobe

  220. Andiswa says:


  221. Moogo says:

    Zee for 2M

  222. Thandiswa says:


  223. Zanele says:

    Khekhelezi for moola #vele

  224. Eric says:

    Juju for 2milli DNT petronise mi nigga ushuni wenkani

  225. Mmoni says:

    Zeee Zintle

  226. Mmoni says:

    Zee baby we move

  227. Zash says:

    Sinaye, someone from a different province than Gauteng, this is BBMzansi not BB Gauteng after all.

  228. PhilaLepedi says:

    Zeee the furniture for 2 meters….

  229. Pretty says:

    Makhekhe ♥️

  230. Sbongile says:

    sinaye ever smiling

  231. Shams says:

    Mc junior

  232. Pat Dvd says:

    Money no money I vote Sinaye kude Kube sekugcineni

  233. Pat Dvd says:

    Gentlemen all codes for Sinaye

  234. Sbongile says:

    2million 🏆 Sinaye

  235. Pat Dvd says:

    Gentlemen yoKrila I vote Sinaye

  236. Pat Dvd says:

    Sinayeeeeee were I vote for Uuuu

  237. Bulie says:

    Congratulations Sinaye….African gentleman

  238. Pat Dvd says:

    Fana fana wase Qonce I vote

  239. Sbongile says:

    Snaye my boy my boy

  240. Bulie says:

    Sinaye is the winner

  241. Pat Dvd says:

    Sinaye till the last day of my votes I vote

  242. Dezzy says:


  243. Pat Dvd says:

    Sinaye till last day I vote

  244. bella says:


  245. Ntombi says:

    Zee for 2million

  246. Sbongile says:

    Sinaye100 votes

  247. Lebza says:

    All I hear is Makheeeeeekheleza

  248. Lebza says:


  249. Paulina says:

    Sinaye cool guy

  250. Ntsoshy says:

    Voting for Zintle Zee

  251. Bankole Mariam says:

    My vote is for zee

  252. Bankole Mariam says:

    Zee all the way

  253. Mmoni says:

    Zeeeeee baby girl

  254. Mmoni says:

    Zeee world let us not sleep please we can do this

  255. Nomsa Chabalala says:

    Sinaye period

  256. Sinazo says:

    Mc j x100

  257. Paulina says:

    Sinaye Sinaye Sinaye Sinaye Sinaye Sinaye

  258. Ali says:

    Mc juju

  259. Floza says:

    All the best Senaye

  260. Catherine says:


  261. Paulina says:


  262. NEO KHOELE says:


  263. Pakiso says:

    Skeem let us not relax until Mcjunior emerge is the winner letgo for Mcjunior

  264. Paulina says:

    Sinaye all the way to finale

  265. Sizah says:

    Zee your eyes is look familiar zintle zee👌❤️

  266. Paulina says:

    Sinaye sikujongile

  267. Patricia David says:

    Voting Sinaye

  268. Patricia David says:

    Sinaye up to the end I vote

  269. Patricia David says:

    Mali or no Mali I vote Sinaye

  270. Darren Aris says:

    #team Mehekehe Mehekehe all the wayyyyy.

  271. Darren Aris says:

    @Mehekehe Mehekehe Mehekehe Mehekehe Mehekehe Mehekehe Mehekehe Mehekehe Mehekehe to the finals.

  272. Tiisetso says:

    I’m voting for Makhekhe he is the one that deserves to win

  273. Darren Aris says:

    mehekehe Mehekehe Mehekehe Mehekehe Mehekehe for the money.

  274. Darren Aris says:

    Mehekehe Mehekehe Mehekehe Mehekehe Mehekehe Mehekehe Mehekehe to be save on Sunday

  275. Darren Aris says:

    Makhekhe Makhekhe pls vote 🗳 vote him to the finals

  276. Darren Aris says:

    Mehekehe Mehekehe and zee zee to the finals

  277. Darren Aris says:

    Mehekehe Mehekehe all the the wayyyyyyyy.

  278. Darren Aris says:

    Team Mehekehe here we gooooo extremely extremely harder for our boy to be in the finals

  279. Floza says:

    Team Senaye