Nathan Freeman | Australian Survivor 2024

Nathan Freeman - Australian Survivor: Titans V Rebels Castaway in 2024
Nathan Freeman.

Nathan Freeman is an AFL Agent and former AFL player from Melbourne, Victoria.

He is a castaway in Australian Survivor: Titans V Rebels (Season 11) in 2024.

Nathan Freeman is 28 years old.


Name:Nathan Freeman
Age:28 years old
Date of Birth:16 June 1995
Hometown:Melbourne, Victoria
Occupation(s):AFL Agent/Former AFL player

As a former AFL player, Nathan was originally drafted to Collingwood before being traded to St Kilda. He found his career was a bit of a roller coaster, saying there were more downs than ups.

But not one to let it get the best of him, Nathan found a new route as an AFL agent and feels his ability to adapt to the changes life throws at you, will help him in Survivor.

He says, “In this game, you have to stay ahead of that bullet that’s flying around. You need to analyse what everyone says, you have to tell a few fibs but you also have to be loyal. But then loyalty can get you whacked at some point so you need to keep your options open and never commit one way or another.”

Nathan says getting hungry might be his weak point but is looking forward to living off the island – chopping coconuts, eating papaya, and embracing all that Samoa can throw at him.

His mum is a huge Survivor fan and got the whole family obsessed with the series.

Coming into the game is not only a dream for Nathan but also a chance to show who he really is. He says, “I don’t think it’s redemption for what I’ve done in my career but it’s being able to show people I’ve got what it takes. But who knows if it’ll go that way haha, ask me again in 47 days.”

It seems like we have finally caught a glimpse at the token hottie this season – Nathan. And he seems to know it, too.

“I’m strong, fit, charming,” he says in his promo.

“I’ve got good looks and I’m not afraid to use that to get wherever I need to in the game.”

The Titan, who confirms he is single (and ready to mingle), might just be the showmance we’ve been searching for these last couple of seasons. “If I have to flirt, dangle a carrot, I’ll be playing up to that a little bit,” he says.

On his gameplay, Nathan says, “There’s been no one that could really compare to me.”

“I’m pretty strong morally but that goes out the door playing Survivor.”

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