Raven (Katelin Van Zyl) | Gladiators Australia 2024

Raven (Katelin van Zyl) - Gladiators Australia 2024
Gladiator Raven – whose real name is Katelin van Zyl.

Raven whose real name is Katelin Van Zyl, is an Australian CrossFit Games athlete and, former field hockey player from Queensland.

She is a Gladiator on Gladiators Australia 2024.

Katelin Van Zyl is 31 years old.


Real name:Katelin Van Zyl
Height:170 cm
Weight:67 kg
Occupation:CrossFit Games athlete, former Australian field hockey player
Years:2023 – present

Raven is a hunter; she will size up her opponent before she strikes.

Harnessing the power of the skies, Raven can spot weakness from a mile away – swooping down with precision to strike foes in the Arena.

Her mastery of aerial combat, stealth, and the element of surprise make Raven a formidable force.

While a threat, she can also be playful, toying with her prey.

Feeding her appetite is the need to win, and in the Gladiator Arena she is ravenous!

Former elite field hockey player with the Hockeyroos Australian National Team, Katelin Van Zyl also won second Fittest Woman in Australia in 2019 and is a 3 x CrossFit Games Pro.

An elite athlete and mother of two toddlers, Katelin is now a Sports Dietician and owner-operator of two gyms on the Gold Coast.


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