Carmel Kallemaa | Canada’s Got Talent 2024

Carmel Kallemaa - Canada's Got Talent Season 4 contestant in 2024
Carmel Kallemaa.

Carmel Kallemaa is a rhythmic gymnast from Toronto, Ontario. She is a contestant on Season 4 of Canada’s Got Talent in 2024.

Carmel Kallemaa is 26 years old.


Name:Carmel Kallemaa
Age (at audition):26 years old
Hometown:Toronto, Ontario
Position Reached:


Carmel Kallemaa was born on 8 October 1997 in Tartu, Estonia.

In 2013 at the age of 16, Carmel and her family moved to Ontario, Canada.

Carmel’s mother is gymnast Janika Mölder.

Kallemaa took up rhythmic gymnastics at age two and represented Estonia internationally from 2013 until 2018.

In December 2018, Carmel’s request to switch nationality from Estonia to Canada was approved by the International Gymnastics Federation.

Carmel Kallemaa is now a full-time Team Canada Athlete and won a Gold Medal at the Commonwealth Championships in 2022.



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