Canada’s Got Talent 2024 Contestants: Meet the Season 4 Cast

Canada's Got Talent Season 4 contestants in 2024
Canada’s Got Talent 2024 contestants.

Canada’s Got Talent is back with Season 4 in 2024 with the start date already confirmed to be Tuesday, March 19 at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

The show will premiere with a 2-hour episode on Citytv or stream anytime on Citytv+.

This season, a whopping 114 acts will face superstar judges – Kardinal Offishall, Howie Mandel, Trish Stratus, and Lilly Singh.

The contestants will be competing to win the grand prize of $1M – the biggest cash prize in Canadian television history – thanks to Rogers.

And that’s not all! Every Golden Buzzer recipient will receive $25,000 (totalling $150,000), courtesy of CIBC, to help realize their ambitions.

Canada’s Got Talent 2024 Contestants

Below are all the 114 contestants who will compete on Canada’s Got Talent in 2024.

Acro Academy

Acro Academy is an acrobatic gymnastics team from Oakville, Ontario, with gymnasts aged between 9 and 20.

Acro Academy - Canada's Got Talent 2024 contestants
Acro Academy.

Adam Cooke

Adam Cooke is a singer and songwriter from Port Hawkesbury, Nova Scotia.

Adam Cooke - Canada's Got Talent 2024 contestant
Adam Cooke.

Air Sup Acroyoga

Air Sup Acroyoga is made up of Sophie and Joanie who practice yoga to create a better balance in their lives.

Alexandra Burgio

Alexandra Burgio is a magician from Niagara Falls, Ontario.

Alicia Kayley

Alicia Kayley is a singer and songwriter from Ontario.

Ashwyn Singh

Ashwyn Singh is a stand-up comedian from Ontario.

Ashwyn Singh - Canada's Got Talent Season 4 contestant in 2024
Ashwyn Singh.

Balloon Maestro

Balloon Maestro whose real name is Sean Rooney, is a balloon artist from Toronto, Ontario.

Bao Hoang

Bao Hoang is a full-time magician from Montreal, Quebec.

Ben Stager

Ben Stager is a singer and songwriter from Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario.

Bonggun Kim

Bonggun Kim is a stand-up comic from Ontario.

Briar Nolet

Briar Nolet is a dancer from Oakville, Ontario.

Carmel Kallemaa

Carmel Kallemaa is a rhythmic gymnast from Toronto, Ontario.

Carmel Kallemaa - Canada's Got Talent Season 4 contestant in 2024
Carmel Kallemaa.

Carson and Taylor

Carson and Taylor are magicians from Sarnia, Ontario.


Melissa James is an aerial artist from Las Vegas, Nevada.


Clique is a dance group from Saint-Basile-le-Grand, Quebec.

Cross Parallel

Cross Parallel is made up of Danielle and Jordan who are a musical duo from British Columbia.

Daddy Cool

Daddy Cool is a group of dance dads from Sainte-Julie, Quebec.

Damian Shillis

Damian Shillis is a dancer from Ontario who loves to make his mom smile.

Dan Meyer

Dan Meyer - Canada's Got Talent Season 4 contestant in 2024
Dan Meyer.

Dan Meyer is a stunt act from Arizona and has made a career out of danger.

Dana Schiemann

Dana Schiemann is a guitarist from Toronto, Ontario who has represented Canada Internationally.

Daniel Powter

Daniel Powter is a singer and songwriter from British Columbia.

Dr. Brad Gooseberry

Dr. Brad Gooseberry is a zoologist from British Columbia.


Drastic is a singer and songwriter from Toronto, Ontario.

Duo Desire

Duo Desire is an aerial act made up of Denis and Jilliana Bazhenov (husband and wife) from Las Vegas, Nevada.


Ekaterina is a marketing executive and mother from Ontario.


Elena is a professional harpist from Toronto, Ontario.

Eric Kane

Eric Kane is a singer and songwriter from Spruce Grove, Alberta.

Eshan Sobti

Eshan Sobti is a singer/musician from Mission, British Columbia.

Essence Williams

Essence Williams is a singer/musician from Glencoe, Ontario.

Eve Parker Finley

Eve Parker Finley is a singer/musician from Quebec.

Eye Candy Company

Eye Candy Company is a dance crew from Edmonton, Alberta.

Fox Revett

Fox Revett is a singer and songwriter from Toronto, Ontario.

Francois Ouimet

Francois Ouimet is a classically trained violinist from Montreal, Quebec.


Funkanometry is a dancer from Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

Gordon Neill

Gordon Neill is a finance professional from Ontario.

Great Canadian Dueling Pianos

Great Canadian Dueling Pianos is made up of Joel Lightman and Donavan LeNabat who are a piano-playing duo from Toronto, Ontario.

Harold Butler

Harold Butler is a full-time cab driver and a part-time folk artist from Newfoundland.

Heather Nicholson

Heather Nicholson is a chiropractic assistant and handbell player from Ajax, Ontario.

Holly Melville

Holly Melville is a singer/musician from Victoria, British Columbia.


Humuzza is a dancer from British Columbia.


IceBoxSound is a singer and songwriter from Quebec.

Jade Mathieu

Jade Mathieu is a singer/musician from Longueuil, Quebec.

Jaime Bruno

Jaime Bruno is from Ontario and wants to show the Canada’s Got Talent judges that Canada has both passion and talent for soccer.

James Chapeskie

James Chapeskie is a singer and songwriter from Waterloo, Ontario.

Jeff Newman

Jeff Newman is a magician from Alberta.

Jerri Gallaugher

Gallaugher is a performer from Mulmur, Ontario.

Jesse Bieber

Jesse Bieber is a wrestler from Ontario.

Joel Van Vliet

Joel Van Vliet is a comedian from Ontario.

John Muirhead

John Muirhead is a traveling musician from Toronto, Ontario.

Jordon Ho

Jordon Ho is a singer from Alberta.

Kairo Mclean

Kairo McLean is a singer/musician from Scarborough, Ontario.

Kelly Taylor

Kelly Taylor is a stand-up comedian from Prince Albert, Saskatchewan.

Kibra and Fortune

Kibra and her dog, Fortune, are from Toronto, Ontario.

Levi Stanford

Levi Stanford is a janitor and aspiring musician from Alberta.

Liana Adam

Liana Adam is a singer from Quebec.

Lisa Baker

Lisa Baker is a comedian living in Alberta but originally from St. John’s, Newfoundland Island.

Liz Underhill

Liz Underhill is a singer from Ontario who has also worked as a disc jockey, baker, weight loss guru, and cleaner.

Luka and Jenalyn

Luka and Jenalyn are dancers from Ontario, a couple on and off stage.

Maggie The Goalie

Maggie the Goalie and her owner Yannick are hockey players from Tracadie, New Brunswick.

Maninder Waraich

Maninder Waraich is a stand-up comedian from Victoria, British Columbia.

Marie-Josee and Jason

Marie-Josee and Jason are a dance duo from Montreal, Quebec.

Mariella Larose

Mariella Larose is a singer from Ontario.

Mark Clearview

Mark Clearview is a magician from Ontario.

Mark Lewis

Mark Lewis is a magician from Ontario.

Mat and Mym

Mat and Mym are a roller-skating duo and real-life couple from Quebec City, Quebec.

Matthew Cooper

Newfoundland’s Matthew Cooper hopes to realize his dreams on Canada’s biggest stage.

Megan and Cameron

Megan and Cameron are a dance duo from Prince Edward Island.

Mike Glenney

Mike Glenney is a dancer and dance teacher from Waterdown, Ontario.

Miss T The Bubble Queen

Miss T the Bubble Queen is a bubbleologist from Waterloo, Ontario.

Mitchell Hrycan

Mitchell Hrycan is a magician from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

Mom Bop

Mom Bop is a group of four working mothers and performers from Vancouver, British Columbia.

Natalie Morris

Natalie Morris is a singer from Toronto, Ontario.

Nicolas Ribs

Nicolas Ribs is a magician from France.

Noah Kosta

Noah Kosta is a singer from Ontario.

Noah Taju George

Noah Taju George is from Ontario and wants to share a very special talent with the judges.

Norbert The Toad

Norbert the Toad is a novelty act from Vancouver, British Columbia.


Pepe is a singer and songwriter from Vaughan, Ontario.

Professor Dan The Harmonica Man

Professor Dan is a harmonica-playing college professor from Ontario.

Rachel Chiu

Rachel Chiu is a singer and instrumentalist from British Columbia.

Raphaël Larocque

Raphaël Larocque is a singer from Quebec City, Quebec.

Rebecca Strong

Rebecca Strong is a singer/musician from Prince Albert, Saskatchewan.

Ron Deschenes

Ron Deschenes is an ad executive and whistler from Toronto, Ontario.

Rory Gardiner

Rory Gardiner is a country musician and storyteller from Ontario.

Rory Van Ulft

Rory Van Ulft is a gymnast from Ottawa, Ontario.

Roy Ziv

Roy Ziv is a guitarist from Ontario.

Sai Juttukonda

Sai Juttukonda is a singer/musician from Niagara Falls, Ontario.

Sam Babin

Sam Babin is a singer/musician from New Brunswick.

Sam Benty

Sam Benty is a singer and songwriter from Alberta.

Sam Taju Ninan

Sam Taju Ninan is a violinist from Ontario.

Sanskriti Arts

Sanskriti Arts is an Indian dance group from Mississauga, Ontario.

Simon Zenker

Simon Zenker is a juggler from Elmira, Ontario.

Slavic Bling

Slavic Bling is a circus act from Ontario.

Soon Keun Kwon

Soon Keun Kwon is a drummer from Ontario.

Sterling V Scott

Sterling V Scott is a stand-up comedian from Edmonton, Alberta.

Steve Goodtime

Steve Goodtime is a one-man rock-n-roll circus show from Ontario.

Steve Kase

Steve Kase is a magician from Toronto, Ontario.


Stitches is an escape artist from St. Catharines, Ontario.

Tera Drum

Terran Eason, aka Tera Drum, is a drummer from Langley City, British Columbia.

Terri Anne Strongarm

Terri Anne Strongarm is a singer/musician from Balcarres, Saskatchewan.

The Amazing Todsky

The Amazing Todsky is a magician from Montreal, Quebec.

The Ultimutts

The Ultimutts is an ensemble of very talented animals from Ontario.

There Is A Ball On My Head

“Gorgeous” Georgios Karagiannis is a head ball juggler from Quebec.

Those Guys

Those Guys are an acapella group from Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Together For Peace

Mariya and her daughter Nikol are Ukranian immigrants currently residing in Quebec.

Travis Lindsay

Travis Linsday is a comedian from Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Trish O’Brien

Trish O’Brien is an Irish-born singer from Ontario.

Troy James

Troy James is an HR professional from Brampton, Ontario.

Vincenzo Ravina

Vicenzo Ravina is a magician from Nova Scotia.

Wallace Wong

Wallace Wong, professionally known as Six Pack Chef, is an Ontario chef and fitness athlete.

William Brandon

William Brandon is a fire dancer from California.

Winslow Dancers

The Winslow Dancers are a trio from Stornoway, Quebec.

Woody Belfort

Woody Belfort is a professional wheelchair athlete from Montreal, Quebec.

Woody Belfort - Canada's Got Talent 2024 contestant
Woody Belfort.

Yuvin Marasini

Yuvin Marasini is a singer from Ontario.

Zach Mccabe

Zach McCabe is a full-time honky-tonk singer from Aylmer, Ontario.


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