Woody Belfort | Canada’s Got Talent 2024

Woody Belfort - Canada's Got Talent 2024 contestant
Woody Belfort.

Woody Belfort is a professional wheelchair athlete from Montreal, Quebec. He is a contestant on Season 4 of Canada’s Got Talent in 2024.

Woody Belfort is 27 years old.


Name(s):Woody Belfort
Age (at audition):27
Hometown:Montreal, Quebec
Position Reached:


Woody Belfort is a Canadian-born professional athlete who happens to use a wheelchair.

He is originally from Victoria, British Columbia, and was born with a form of cerebral Palsy.

Woody was always an active kid who loved to move, interact with people, and play sports.

Even though he was always the only one in a wheelchair, Woody always tried to participate in his own way.

In the middle of elementary school, Woody moved to Quebec, where he had the chance to be in a school with other disabled kids and athletes, and got to play different disabled sports.

Moving to Quebec motivated Woody to see what’s more – like trying wheelchair basketball, and track and field.

Woody did almost everything he could get his hands on and just tried it out because he loved to move. Regardless of him being in a wheelchair, Woody always loves to zip around.

In 2017, Woody went to a fitness expo with some friends in Toronto and it was there that he discovered wheelchair bodybuilding.

Woody and his friends had a booth for calisthenics and right beside them, there was a stage where males and females would go on in little shorts and just flex.

Woody then saw a guy in a wheelchair also flexing muscles and he was like, “Wait, guys in wheelchairs to do this?”

The guy Woody had just seen was Nick Scott, the ambassador for the wheelchair bodybuilding division in Canada.

Woody and Nick soon started talking and the latter introduced the former to wheelchair bodybuilding.

Despite having a wheelchair, Woody has made a career of conquering limitations, exceeding expectations, and has accomplished many impressive feats as an athlete in numerous sports including rock climbing, circus, bodybuilding, wheelchair basketball, calisthenics, etc.

Woody is an International Fitness and Bodybuilding Federation (IFBB) Pro bodybuilder, whose unique style of athletic, acrobatic posing using his wheelchair as a platform has carved out his own space within the sport.

While juggling elite sporting regimens, Woody somehow managed to continue with his linguistic studies, which has helped him become fluent in French, English, and Creole. He is also learning Spanish and German.

Woody Belfort is an ambassador at Motion Composites – a medical equipment manufacturer that specializes in ultralight wheelchairs and seating products.



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