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Frankie Guascoine - Australian Survivor: Titans V Rebels Castaway in 2024
Frankie Guascoine.

Frankie Guascoine is an Australian hair salon owner from Bondi, New South Wales.

She was a castaway in Australian Survivor: Titans V Rebels (Season 11) in 2024.

Frankie Guascoine is 33 years old.


Name:Frankie Guascoine
Age:33 years old
Hometown:Bondi, New South Wales
Occupation(s):Hair salon owner

Bondi hair salon owner, Frankie, is the epitome of a Titan – she works hard, she’s determined, and knows what she needs to do to get to the end.

Frankie’s boss and managerial skills will help her find her place in the tribe saying, “What I’ve learned from running a business is you’ve gotta let people have their place and some people’s strengths are other people’s weakness, so you need to let everyone come forward. Everyone needs a voice and if you push them down, they’re going to come for you. People fight from the bottom.”

Admitting she has come to Australian Survivor to get out of her comfort zone, Frankie is not looking forward to the reality of camp – mainly the bugs and wild weather and jokes her idea of camping is traveling in a van to the beach. But her competitive nature won’t let that get in her way.

Frankie knows her social game is going to be important and says, “Survivor plays a little bit like high school, and you can start to see the little cliques being formed. People are sizing each other up and there’s the popular group and the quieter ones. But people have seen this movie, the popular kids get killed first. So, you just have to be really careful where you align yourself.”

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