How to Vote on American Idol 2024

How to Vote American Idol
How to Vote on American Idol

Voting has opened for you to VOTE your favorite American Idol finalists to be crowned the American Idol Season 22 winner.

How To Vote On American Idol 2024

There are three ways for you to vote for your favorite American Idol 2024 contestants, these are;

  1. By SMS text
  2. On the American Idol app
  3. Online at

How to Vote by SMS Text

– To vote for your favorite American Idol 2024 contestant with an SMS Text, simply text the Contestant’s Voting Number to “21523”.

– Text voting is open to all Wireless Carriers, message rates may apply.

How to Vote on the American Idol App

– To vote for your favorite American Idol 2024 contestant using the American Idol app, simply download the app and install it on your mobile device.

– iOS users can download the American Idol app from the Apple Store whereas Android users can download the app from the Google Play Store.

– The American Idol app is free to download and use but data rates may apply.

How to Vote Online

– To vote online, simply visit and create an account.

– Data rates may apply.

American Idol Voting Requirements

  • You have to be at least 16 years old
  • You must be located in the U.S., Puerto Rico, or the Virgin Islands to vote on or in the American Idol app

American Idol 2024 Voting Numbers

Below are the contestants’ Voting Numbers.

1.Oliver SteeleText “2” to 21523
2.Matt WilsonText “3” to 21523
3.KaeyraText “4” to 21523
4.Zachariah SmithText “6” to 21523
5.Mariah FaithText “7” to 21523
6.Warren PeayText “9” to 21523
7.Nailyah SerenityText “10” to 21523
8.Haven MadisonText “11” to 21523
9.Lucy LoveText “12” to 21523
10.Iam TongiText “13” to 21523
11.Paige AnneText “15” to 21523
12.Marybeth ByrdText “16” to 21523
13.Wé AniText “17” to 21523
14.Michael WilliamsText “18” to 21523
15.Hannah NicolaisenText “20” to 21523
16.Megan DanielleText “21” to 21523
17.Olivia SoliText “23” to 21523
18.Colin StoughText “24” to 21523
19.Tyson VenegasText “25” to 21523
20.Nutsa BuzaladzeText “26” to 21523
21.Elise KristineText “1” to 21523 (Eliminated)
22.PJAEText “5” to 21523 (Eliminated)
23.Emma BusseText “8” to 21523 (Eliminated)
24.Elijah McCormickText “14” to 21523 (Eliminated)
25.Dawson WayneText “19” to 21523 (Eliminated)
26.Malik HeardText “22” to 21523 (Eliminated)

– You can vote up to 10 times for each contestant in the Top 20.

– You can change your votes until 9 am ET on Monday 4/24.

– Don’t forget to save when entering or updating your votes!


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