Idols SA Season 3 Voting Results

Idols SA Season 3 was a competition held from August to November in 2005. The voting results were released on 1 December 2005.

M-Net followed up on its promise to release voting details for the third season of Idols South Africa, which saw 11 contestants fall by the wayside and eventually revealed Karin Kortjé as the winner.

Over 10 million votes were cast this season, making Idols SA Season 3 the most successful in 2005.

M-Net has also released the audited voting numbers after previous seasons of the competition, in exactly the same fashion.

The results which appear below are based on votes received from the public via SMS, IVR, and on the Idols website, together with the judges’ rankings.

The Idols SA judges ranked the contestants directly after the show on a Sunday, long before 18:35 on Mondays, when the public voting lines closed.

Carl Fischer, Head of Local Productions at M-Net believes that this information will put a variety of rumours regarding the voting – generated by a minority of viewers – to rest.

“We can confirm that winner Karin topped the public voting throughout the Top 12 phase of the competition, justifying her position as winner of Idols SA Season 3,” he says.

The statistics for the competition from the Group phase, through to the Final, appear below.

Each contestant’s number of votes is represented by a percentage of the total, with the total number of votes received for each voting period reflected in the total for each week.

Votes were accepted via a 08622777+ phone number, voting of the contestant’s name via SMS to 33676 & finally an online voting option via the official website.

During the semi-finals, the top 2 vote-getters advanced to the finals.

It is not clear if the release factored in the 49% leverage of the judges’ votes or are viewer votes only.

Group 1 (30 August 2005)

ContestantPercentage Of Votes
Deidré Visser23.90%
Pume Zondi21.96%
Veronique De Lange17.39%
Bonolo Molosiwa17.11%
Cecile Du Preez11.38%
Nosipho Zwane8.26%

Total votes: 306,827

Group 2 (6 September 2005)

ContestantPercentage Of Votes
Karin Kortje26.82%
Martelize Van Niekerk20.21%
Jessica Lourenco17.39%
Jamie-Lee Blokdyk17.21%
Karabo Moleke13.02%
Bernice Breedt5.35%

Total votes: 342,853

Group 3 (12 September 2005)

ContestantPercentage Of Votes
Nhlanhla Mwelse27.99%
Gift Gwe23.23%
Romie Noval13.70%
Callan Maloney13.21%
Mthawelanga Nkonzo12.35%
Bjorn Hartnick9.52%

Total votes: 211,629

Group 4 (19 September 2005)

ContestantPercentage Of Votes
Kesha Charlton-Perkins27.40%
Veronique Lalouette22.06%
Ayanda Mpama21.38%
Nthabiseng Roro11.95%
Tumelo Thulare8.85%
Bianca Bronn8.36%

Total votes: 199,838

Because there was a conflict of names, Veronique Lalouette chose V as her stage name & Veronique De Lange chose Nicky, this applied primarily to SMS votes.

Top 12 (26 September 2005)

ContestantPercentage Of Votes
Karin Kortje14.76%
Martelize Van Niekerk14.41%
Nhlanhla Mwelse12.17%
Nicky De Lange10.31%
Kesha Charlton-Perkins8.66%
Deidré Visser8.21%
V Lalouette7.38%
Gift Gwe5.63%
Pume Zondi5.57%
Ayanda Mpama4.92%
Bonolo Molosiwa4.11%
Jamie-Lee Blokdyk3.87% (Eliminated)

Total votes: 398,008

Top 11 (3 October 2005)

ContestantPercentage Of Votes
Karin Kortje16.11%
Nhlanhla Mwelse15.35%
Martelize Van Niekerk12.15%
Gift Gwe11.56%
Nicky De Lange9.06%
V Lalouette8.75%
Kesha Charlton-Perkins7.17%
Deidré Visser6.86%
Pume Zondi6.77%
Ayanda Mpama4.70%
Bonolo Molosiwa1.52% (Eliminated)

Total votes: 456,535

Top 10 (11 October 2005)

ContestantPercentage Of Votes
Karin Kortje16.40%
Gift Gwe14.10%
Deidré Visser12.35%
Nicky De Lange10.69%
Ayanda Mpama10.54%
Martelize Van Niekerk10.20%
V Lalouette9.39%
Nhlanhla Mwelse7.94%
Kesha Charlton-Perkins6.35%
Pume Zondi2.04% (Eliminated)

Total votes: 659,809

Top 9 (17 October 2005)

ContestantPercentage Of Votes
Karin Kortje17.28%
V Lalouette14.51%
Gift Gwe12.16%
Nhlanhla Mwelse11.16%
Nicky De Lange10.57%
Ayanda Mpama9.56%
Deidré Visser9.29%
Martelize Van Niekerk8.80%
Kesha Charlton-Perkins6.67% (Eliminated)

Total votes: 598,919

Top 8 (24 October 2005)

– There was no elimination this week.

Total votes: 723,906

Top 8 (31 October 2005)

ContestantPercentage Of Votes
Karin Kortje22.22%
V Lalouette17.06%
Nhlanhla Mwelse12.92%
Gift Gwe12.08%
Nicky De Lange11.85%
Ayanda Mpama9.92%
Deidré Visser7.03% (Eliminated)
Martelize Van Niekerk6.92 (Eliminated)

Total votes: 758,659

Top 6 (7 November 2005)

ContestantPercentage Of Votes
Karin Kortje28.57%
Nicky De Lange21.48%
Gift Gwe17.79%
V Lalouette16.13%
Nhlanhla Mwelse9.52%
Ayanda Mpama6.51% (Eliminated)

Total votes: 818,046

Top 5 (14 November 2005)

ContestantPercentage Of Votes
Karin Kortje30.88%
Nicky De Lange25.03%
V Lalouette18.37%
Gift Gwe16.60%
Nhlanhla Mwelse9.12% (Eliminated)

Total votes: 1,074,568

Top 4 (21 November 2005)

ContestantPercentage Of Votes
Karin Kortje32.64%
Gift Gwe29.80%
Nicky De Lange23.87% (Eliminated)
V Lalouette13.68% (Eliminated)

Total votes: 1,788,291

Grand Finale (27 November 2005)

ContestantPercentage Of Votes
Karin Kortje62.58% (Winner)
Gift Gwe37.42% (Runner-up)

Total votes: 1,894,395

Total season votes: 10,232,283


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