Idols SA Season 8 Voting Results

M-Net and Mzansi Magic released the Idols SA Season 8 voting results on Tuesday 9 October 2012, keeping its promise to fans of the show.

Khaya Mthethwa, the winner of Idols SA Season 8, was South Africa’s favourite throughout the entire season.

The voting results indicate that the voting public rated Khaya as the show’s number one performer for ten weeks in a row.

For the first time in the history of Idols South Africa, voters had 100% voting power during the Top 18 phase.

In Idols SA Season 7, for example, the voting public determined five of the Top 10 contestants, while the judges added the remaining five contestants.

As opposed to the 8,053,612 votes received for Idols SA Season 6 and the 8,411,8869 for Idols SA Season 7, Season 8’s total number of votes tallied a whopping 9,005,342.

For the Grand Finale, Season 6 and Season 7 drew 2,399,002 votes and 1,905,532 votes respectively in comparison with Season 8’s 2,987,087 votes.

M-Net’s Corporate Communications Manager, Lani Lombard, stated that the overwhelming viewer interaction was a testament to the popularity of the brand and quality of Season 8’s Top 10 contestants.

The voting results that appear below on this page are based on votes received from the public via MXit, SMS, the Idols South Africa website and Mobi-site.

To avoid unfair syndicated voting, votes were limited to just 100 votes per voting period on Mxit and via SMS, and to one vote per hour on the Idols SA website and Mobi-site.

Each week, the votes were verified by the auditing firm, Deloitte.

The statistics for the competition from the Top 18 phase through to the Grand Finale, appear below with each contestant’s number of votes represented by a percentage of the total.

Top 18 Round (Boys)

Contestant% Of Votes
Matthew Samson3.24% (Eliminated)
Dumi Masilela4.91% (Eliminated)
Obakeng Ramaboa6.29%
Jean Huisman4.88% (Eliminated)
Simphiwe Gwegwe14.40%
Dominic Neill5.02%
Monde Msutwana8.47%
Khaya Mthethwa49.36%
Treasure Mushwana3.41% (Eliminated)

Top 18 Round (Girls)

Contestant% Of Votes
Sihle Ndaba6.63% (Eliminated)
Tshidi Tenyane14.69%
Maryke Buffel7.99% (Eliminated)
Thabisa Mhlakulwana6.85% (Eliminated)
Chloe Kiley11.23%
Shekhinah Donnell25.78%
Nosipho Mngomezulu10.36%
Melissa Alison11.75%
Candida Mosoma4.70% (Eliminated)

Top 10

Contestant% Of Votes
Nosipho Mngomezulu3.86%
Obakeng Ramaboa3.00% (Eliminated)
Monde Msutwana3.89%
Chloe Kiley5.80%
Simphiwe Gwegwe9.01%
Dominic Neill3.40%
Melissa Allison3.29%
Khaya Mthethwa33.09%
Shekhinah Donnell9.64%
Tshidi Tenyane25.01%

Top 9

Contestant% Of Votes
Nosipho Mngomezulu3.77% (Eliminated)
Monde Msutwana6.95%
Chloe Kiley5.03%
Simphiwe Gwegwe11.46%
Dominic Neill5.63%
Melissa Allison8.80%
Khaya Mthethwa29.73%
Shekhinah Donnell12.56%
Tshidi Tenyane16.06%

Top 8

Contestant% Of Votes
Monde Msutwana9.84%
Chloe Kiley5.66% (Eliminated)
Simphiwe Gwegwe11.15%
Dominic Neill5.67%
Melissa Allison10.13%
Khaya Mthethwa31.91%
Shekhinah Donnell13.65%
Tshidi Tenyane11.98%

Top 7

Contestant% Of Votes
Monde Msutwana12.28%
Simphiwe Gwegwe11.51%
Dominic Neill6.57% (Eliminated)
Melissa Allison9.67%
Khaya Mthethwa33.12%
Shekhinah Donnell14.94%
Tshidi Tenyane11.91%

Top 6

Contestant% Of Votes
Monde Msutwana12.07%
Simphiwe Gwegwe14.48%
Melissa Allison13.75%
Khaya Mthethwa36.58%
Shekhinah Donnell10.98% (Eliminated)
Tshidi Tenyane12.15%

Top 5

Contestant% Of Votes
Monde Msutwana14.41%
Simphiwe Gwegwe13.66% (Eliminated)
Melissa Allison14.95%
Khaya Mthethwa40.41%
Tshidi Tenyane16.57%

Top 4

Contestant% Of Votes
Monde Msutwana19.20%
Melissa Allison19.57%
Khaya Mthethwa45.03%
Tshidi Tenyane16.20% (Eliminated)

Top 3

Contestant% Of Votes
Monde Msutwana20.71% (Eliminated)
Melissa Allison22.09%
Khaya Mthethwa57.21%

Top 2 (Grand Finale)

Contestant% Of Votes
Melissa Allison19.80% (Runner-up)
Khaya Mthethwa80.20% (Winner)


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