Idols SA Season 11 Voting Results

The Idols SA Season 11 voting results were released to the public on Monday 7 December 2015.

During Season 11, all previous voting records were smashed week after week, Karabo Mogane emerged as the winner by raking in 54.97% of the votes compared to Mmatema Moremi’s 45.03% in the final week of the competition.

Throughout the season, however, a neck-on-neck race played out between Karabo and runner-up, Mmatema Moremi, who took the lead after the Top 10, Top 8, Top 5, and Top 4 Spectaculars – at some occasions with less than a percentage, and with Rhema Varrie often hot on their heels.

Season 11 of Idols South Africa generated over 78 million votes as opposed to Season 10’s previous record of 24.3 million votes.

“The incredibly high quality of talent, their show-stopping performances, and the fantastic production values of the series, clearly resonated with our audiences,” says M-Net CEO Yolisa Phahle. “Even the singers who didn’t make it to the final received unprecedented votes and we believe that Idols has been an amazing platform for all of them to start a great career in the music industry.”

Below is a breakdown of season 11’s voting results;

Top 10

ContestantPercentage Of Votes
Nadia Herbst2.30% (Eliminated)
Elwira Standili5.07%
Amanda Antony5.15%
Lungisa Xhamela6.80%
Siphelele Ngcobo7.29%
Loyiso Gijana9.22%
Dineo Moseki10.65%
Rhema Varrie10.74%
Karabo Mogane21.20%
Mmatema Moremi21.59%

Top 9

ContestantPercentage Of Votes
Elwira Standili4.65% (Eliminated)
Lungisa Xhamela7.06%
Amanda Antony7.26%
Siphelele Ngcobo7.99%
Loyiso Gijana8.62%
Dineo Moseki11.87%
Rhema Varrie15.28%
Mmatema Moremi18.28%
Karabo Mogane18.98%

Top 8

ContestantPercentage Of Votes
Lungisa Xhamela6.17% (Eliminated)
Amanda Antony7.15%
Loyiso Gijana7.72%
Siphelele Ngcobo7.87%
Dineo Moseki11.01%
Rhema Varrie18.90%
Karabo Mogane19.44%
Mmatema Moremi21.74%

Top 7

ContestantPercentage Of Votes
Amanda Antony6.73% (Eliminated)
Loyiso Gijana7.62%
Siphelele Ngcobo9.40%
Dineo Moseki12.39%
Rhema Varrie17.46%
Mmatema Moremi21.96%
Karabo Mogane24.44%

Top 6

ContestantPercentage Of Votes
Dineo Moseki10.60% (Eliminated)
Loyiso Gijana12.12%
Siphelele Ngcobo13.50%
Rhema Varrie17.87%
Mmatema Moremi22.51%
Karabo Mogane23.40%

Top 5

ContestantPercentage Of Votes
Loyiso Gijana12.11% (Eliminated)
Siphelele Ngcobo15.98%
Rhema Varrie19.54%
Karabo Mogane24.43%
Mmatema Moremi27.94%

Top 4

ContestantPercentage Of Votes
Siphelele Ngcobo16.21% (Eliminated)
Karabo Mogane26.92%
Rhema Varrie27.26%
Mmatema Moremi29.61%

Top 3

ContestantPercentage Of Votes
Rhema Varrie30.49% (Eliminated)
Mmatema Moremi32.61%
Karabo Mogane36.89%

Top 2 (Grand Finale)

ContestantPercentage Of Votes
Mmatema Moremi45.03% ( Runner-up )
Karabo Mogane54.97% ( Winner )


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