Idols SA Season 4 Voting Results

M-Net followed up on its promise to release the voting results for the entire Idols SA Season 4, verified by Alexander Forbes.

M-Net confirmed that Idols SA Season 4 was more successful than the previous three seasons, with a total of 17,960,686 votes cast over the entire season and an astonishing 7,803,990 votes cast during the grand finale week alone.

The Season 4 results which appear on this page are based on votes received from the public via SMS, landline, MXit, and on the Idols South Africa website, consolidated with the judges’ rankings.

The judges ranked the contestants directly after the recording of each Idols South Africa Spectacular on a Friday, and their votes were combined with the public votes when lines closed on Monday nights.

For Season 4, M-Net also made voting possible on the MXit platform for mobile phones and it had a very positive effect on voting volumes due to the sheer size of the audience already on their platform, 75% of the season’s votes were on MXit.

However, the high volume of MXit votes was not advantageous to any of the two finalists as only 6% separated them on MXit votes.

Jody had 53% of MXit votes and Andriëtte had 47% of MXit votes.

For the Group 1 episode (Top 12 boys), 560,915 votes were cast.

For the Group 2 episode (Top 12 girls), 632,475 votes were cast.

For the Top 14 show, 871,735 were cast.

For the Top 12 show, 778,847 were cast.

That brings the total votes just for just the Top 24 stage to 2,843,972.

10,156,696 votes were cast from the start of the Top 10 voting up until the voting lines closed for the Top 3 Results Show on 3 December.

A further 7,803,990 votes were cast during the Grand Finale week, bringing the total votes for Idols SA Season 4 to a spectacular 17,960,686 votes. That’s an impressive 75% improvement on the 10,232,283 votes cast across Season 3.

Group 1 show (Top 12 boys)

– 560,915 votes were cast

Group 2 show (Top 12 girls)

– 632,475 votes were cast

Top 14 show

– 871,735 were cast

Top 12 show

– 778,847 were cast

Top 10

ContestantPercentage Of Votes
Jody Williams25.73%
Andriëtte Norman13.66%
Björn Blignaut11.10%
Tender Mavundla10.07%
Daniel Büys9.26%
Munro du Toit8.10%
Caroline Barole5.89%
Carla Louw5.89%
Yolanda Nabo5.32%
Dominic Momberg4.98%

Total votes: 763,205

Top 9

ContestantPercentage Of Votes
Jody Williams22.36%
Björn Blignaut14.14%
Andriëtte Norman13.17%
Carla Louw12.73%
Tender Mavundla11.42%
Munro du Toit8.99%
Daniel Büys7.91%
Yolanda Nabo5.89%
Caroline Barole3.39%

Total votes: 665,526

Top 8

ContestantPercentage Of Votes
Jody Williams20.24%
Daniel Büys15.79%
Andriëtte Norman15.08%
Björn Blignaut13.20%
Tender Mavundla12.67%
Munro du Toit11.68%
Carla Louw8.54%
Yolanda Nabo2.79%

Total votes: 666,909

Top 7

ContestantPercentage Of Votes
Jody Williams18.53%
Tender Mavundla16.20%
Andriëtte Norman15.92%
Munro du Toit15.06%
Daniel Büys13.30%
Björn Blignaut11.60%
Carla Louw9.39%

Total votes: 818,224

Top 6

ContestantPercentage Of Votes
Jody Williams21.12%
Munro du Toit19.90%
Andriëtte Norman17.81%
Daniel Büys16.53%
Tender Mavundla14.36%
Björn Blignaut10.28%

Total votes: 826,344

Top 5

ContestantPercentage Of Votes
Andriëtte Norman24.65%
Jody Williams21.48%
Munro du Toit19.44%
Tender Mavundla18.35%
Daniel Büys16.08%

Total votes: 949,493

Top 4

ContestantPercentage Of Votes
Munro du Toit28.40%
Jody Williams25.71%
Andriëtte Norman23.21%
Tender Mavundla22.69%

Total votes: 985,004

Top 3

ContestantPercentage Of Votes
Andriëtte Norman35.79%
Jody Williams33.65%
Munro du Toit30.56%

Total votes: 1,638,019

Top 2: Grand Finale

ContestantPercentage Of Votes
Jody Williams58.50%
Andriëtte Norman41.50%

Total votes: 7,803,990

Total season votes: 17,960,686


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