Idols SA Season 10 Voting Results

The Idols SA Season 10 voting results were released on Wednesday 10 December 2014.

M-Net and Mzansi Magic release the voting figures each season as soon as the winner has completed the majority of the post-Idols PR and, keeping its promise to fans, the results were finally made public on the above-stated date.

Winner Vincent Bones lead the pack of talented Idols South Africa singers this season right from the time voting kicked off, with runner-up Bongi Silinda hot on his heels and the other contestants giving their all to stay in the running.

Towards the end of the season, Bongi overtook Vincent for one week and the final two Idols’ stamina and determination to win resulted in one of the closest victories in the history of the show.

“While the show is still on air, we cannot disclose the contestants’ exact results as it might have an impact on the weekly voting,” explained M-Net Director Victor Eckard.

“But throughout the competition, we were bowled over by the way in which the passion and enthusiasm of the fans rewrote Idols SA voting history time and again. Idols SA remains a winning recipe and the most popular reality show on pay television,” Victor Eckard further stated.

Idols SA Season 10 received a total of 24,364,245 votes, which is a 236% increase from Season 9’s and an all-time Idols South Africa record.

Fans cast a combined 1,475,657 votes during the group phase and across the ten spectaculars, the numbers increased week after week, culminating in a whopping and unprecedented 4,459,561 votes during the final. (Check out the weekly totals below).

Nkateko Mabaso, Director: M-Net Local Interest Channels which includes Mzansi Magic, contributes the success of Season 10 to several factors;

This year’s Top 11 was an incredibly talented and diverse group that struck a special chord with viewers, but the fact that we made it as easy as possible for viewers to vote with a variety of platforms and the introduction of free voting on the increasingly popular WeChat certainly also played a significant role in achieving these amazing results. With so much support these contestants are well positioned for successful possible careers in the South African music industry.

Check out the voting results below;

Top 11

ContestantPercentage Of Votes
Bongi Silinda13.81%
London Louw3.78%
Vincent Verhoog3.33% (Eliminated)
Tumi Morobane5.74%
Ivan Roux3.06% (Eliminated)
Kyle Deutschmann7.20%
Musa Mashiane12.74%
Lize Mynhardt9.72%
Vincent Bones29.52%
Roxy Mc Vean4.18%
Demi Lee Moore6.91%

Top 9

ContestantPercentage Of Votes
Bongi Silinda12.08%
London Louw6.32%
Tumi Morobane8.54%
Kyle Deutschmann7.97%
Musa Mashiane9.09%
Lize Mynhardt9.41%
Vincent Bones34.24%
Roxy Mc Vean3.49% (Eliminated)
Demi Lee Moore8.87%

Top 8

ContestantPercentage Of Votes
Bongi Silinda14.33%
London Louw7.89%
Tumi Morobane7.18% (Eliminated)
Kyle Deutschmann10.81%
Musa Mashiane10.86%
Lize Mynhardt9.13%
Vincent Bones30.44%
Demi Lee Moore9.36%

Top 7

ContestantPercentage Of Votes
Bongi Silinda15.38%
London Louw10.05%
Kyle Deutschmann11.91%
Musa Mashiane9.43%
Lize Mynhardt13.90%
Vincent Bones30.02%
Demi Lee Moore9.31% (Eliminated)

Top 6

ContestantPercentage Of Votes
Bongi Silinda21.11%
London Louw12.66%
Kyle Deutschmann12.46%
Musa Mashiane10.40% (Eliminated)
Lize Mynhardt15.36%
Vincent Bones28.02%

Top 5

ContestantPercentage Of Votes
Bongi Silinda26.72%
London Louw13.40%
Kyle Deutschmann13.31% (Eliminated)
Lize Mynhardt15.84%
Vincent Bones30.72%

Top 4

ContestantPercentage Of Votes
Bongi Silinda33.89%
London Louw15.06% (Eliminated)
Lize Mynhardt18.72%
Vincent Bones32.32%

Top 3

ContestantPercentage Of Votes
Bongi Silinda36.17%
Lize Mynhardt24.46% (Eliminated)
Vincent Bones39.37%

Top 2 (Grand Finale)

ContestantPercentage Of Votes
Bongi Silinda49.51% ( Runner-up )
Vincent Bones50.49% ( Winner )

Season’s Summary

The rounded-off number of votes cast per week are:

Stage ( Voting Week )Votes Cast
Top 111.4 million
Top 91.5 million
Top 81.8 million
Top 72.1 million
Top 62.4 million
Top 52.6 million
Top 42.8 million
Top 33.7 million
Top 2 ( Grand Finale )4.5 million

Total votes cast during the group phase: 1,475,657 votes

Total votes cast during the Grand Finale week: 4,459,561 votes

Total votes cast throughout the entire season: 24,364,245 votes


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