Australian Idol 2023 Elimination Tonight – Season 8

Australian Idol 2023 Elimination Tonight - Season 8

To remind you just a little bit, after the audition rounds that were aired in the first season episodes of Australian Idol Season 8, the judges; Amy Shark, Harry Connick Jr., Meghan Trainor, and Kyle Sandilands had given out 50 Golden Tickets to the 50 best singers.

The Australian Idol 2023 eliminations then started during the Top 50 week in episode 8 of season 8 on Monday 13 February 2023.

Episode 8 was divided into two phases namely; Top 50 Part 1, Round 1 – Chorus Line and Top 50 Part 1, Round 2 – Group Challenge.

At the end of the first phase (Top 50 Part 1, Round 1 – Chorus Line), ten contestants had been eliminated, leaving just 40 contestants in the competition.

During the second phase (Top 50 Part 1, Round 2 – Group Challenge) of episode 8, the 40 remaining contestants were then divided into 8 groups of five. Eight more contestants were eliminated during this phase, leaving just 32 singers in the competition.

So overall, 18 contestants were eliminated from Australian Idol 2023 during episode 8.

On Tuesday 14 February 2023, during episode 9 (Top 50 Part 2), the Top 32 contestants who made it this far had solo performances. At the end of this round, 8 contestants were eliminated, giving us the Top 24.

Australian Idol 2023 Elimination

On Monday 27 February 2023, based on votes cast by the Australian public, the bottom 4 contestants were; Ben Sheehy, Maya Weiss, Jasey Fox, and Noora H. In the end, 28-year-old Maya Weiss and 26-year-old Jasey Fox were eliminated from Australian Idol 2023.

On Monday 6 March 2023, based on votes cast by the Australian public, the bottom 4 contestants were; Harry Hayden, Anya Hynninen, Ben Sheehy, and Sash Seabourne. In the end, 18-year-old Harry Hayden and 25-year-old Sash Seabourne were eliminated from Australian Idol 2023.

In episode 18 on Monday 13 March 2023, based on votes cast by the Australian public, the bottom 4 contestants were; Noora H, Amali Dimond, Angelina Curtis, and Phoebe Stewart. In the end, 27-year-old Noora H and 15-year-old Angelina Curtis were eliminated from Australian Idol 2023.

In episode 20 on Monday 20 March 2023, based on votes cast by the Australian public, the bottom 4 contestants were; Ben Sheehy, Anya Hynninen, Josh Hannan, and Amali Dimond. In the end, 19-year-old Anya Hynninen, 24-year-old Ben Sheehy, and 16-year-old Amali Dimond were eliminated from Australian Idol 2023.

1.Royston Sagigi-Baira23Far North QueenslandWinner
2.Phoebe Stewart15Busselton, Western AustraliaRunner-up
3.Josh Hannan20Mount Evelyn, VictoriaThird Place
4.Amali Dimond16Shellharbour, New South WalesEliminated (Top 6)
5.Ben Sheehy24Brisbane, QueenslandEliminated (Top 6)
6.Sharin Attamimi24Perth, Western AustraliaEliminated (Top 24)
7.Taigh Wade21Perth, Western AustraliaEliminated (Top 50)
8.Angelina Curtis15Perth, Western AustraliaEliminated (Top 8)
9.Kaitlyn Thomas22Wallan, VictoriaEliminated (Top 50)
10.Sara Houston26Perth, Western AustraliaEliminated (Top 24)
11.Charlie Chech18Sydney, New South WalesEliminated (Top 50)
12.Angus Holmes21Gold Coast, QueenslandEliminated (Top 50)
13.Maya Weis28VictoriaEliminated (Top 12)
14.Bobby Holmes17Gold Coast, QueenslandEliminated (Top 24)
15.Jessica Crossman25Kiama, New South WalesEliminated (Top 50)
16.Connor Bulger19Bendigo, VictoriaEliminated (Top 50)
17.Noora H27Sydney, New South WalesEliminated (Top 8)
18.Isabella Vicente25Darwin, Northern TerritoryEliminated (Top 50)
19.Noah Cookson19Mackay, QueenslandEliminated (Top 24)
20.Jasey Fox26Central Coast, New South WalesEliminated (Top 12)
21.Michaela George26Bundaberg, QueenslandEliminated (Top 50)
22.Sash Seabourne25Margaret River, Western AustraliaEliminated (Top 10)
23.Sam Jeacle25Canberra, Australian Capital TerritoryEliminated (Top 50)
24.Piper Butcher18Newcastle, New South WalesEliminated (Top 24)
25.Montana Lara24Brisbane, QueenslandEliminated (Top 50)
26.Alivia Hollis18Brisbane, QueenslandEliminated (Top 50)
27.Kartik Kuna27Sydney, New South WalesEliminated (Top 50)
28.Emilie Suter17Adelaide, South AustraliaEliminated (Top 50)
29.Damien Agius23Eton, QueenslandEliminated (Top 24)
30.Amelie Matthews15Sydney, New South WalesEliminated (Top 50)
31.James Vawser28Adelaide, South AustraliaEliminated (Top 24)
32.Tully Wishart25Melbourne, VictoriaEliminated (Top 50)
33.Bec Voysey24Perth, Western AustraliaEliminated (Top 24)
34.Hamish Guiana18Scone, New South WalesEliminated (Top 50)
35.Harry Hayden18Melbourne, VictoriaEliminated (Top 10)
36.Jakob Poyner18Narooma, New South WalesEliminated (Top 50)
37.Anya Hynninen19Selby, VictoriaEliminated (Top 6)
38.Elysa Villareal24Sydney, New South WalesEliminated (Top 50)
39.Chandler Campbell19Gold Coast, QueenslandEliminated (Top 50)
40.Sharni Stewart28Adelaide, South AustraliaEliminated (Top 50)
41.Triston Joynt20Rockingham, Western AustraliaEliminated (Top 50)
42.Isha Ramji24Melbourne, VictoriaEliminated (Top 50)
43.Peter Karagounis21Melbourne, VictoriaEliminated (Top 50)
44.Gemma25Mornington Peninsula, VictoriaEliminated (Top 50)
45.Kristie Roberts28Gold Coast, QueenslandEliminated (Top 24)
46.Mitchell Cocchiara21Melbourne, VictoriaEliminated (Top 50)
47.Cooper Turnbull18Sydney, New South WalesEliminated (Top 24)
48.Tahila Eve21Melbourne, VictoriaEliminated (Top 24)
49.Naomi Gipey22Alice Springs, Northern TerritoryEliminated (Top 24)
50.Jessica Clennett25Hobart, TasmaniaEliminated (Top 50)

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