Which Idols SA 2017 Judge do you most like?

Idols SA Judges 2017

Randall, Somizi and Unathi couldn’t be more different from one another and honestly, that’s a great thing.

While they ultimately have to come to an agreement we’d wager that our Top 16 wouldn’t be as gifted, diverse and competitive as it is now were it not for the varied perspectives our Judges bring to the table.

Furthermore, these different approaches make for some truly insightful feedback, show after show.

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That said, everyone’s a critic (particularly in the digital age) and it’s hard to not have an opinion when the stakes are so high.

As such, we’ve decided to put you all in the hot seat and see which Judge you’d most likely side with. Please let us know by dropping a comment in the comments’ section below.

Who’s Your Favourite Idols SA Judge?

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