Idols SA 2022 (Season 18) Judges Names

The Idols SA 2022 (Season 18) judges are Somizi Mhlongo, Thembi Seete and JR Bogopa. They were revealed just recently at a press conference and media briefing event.

Idols SA 2022 (Season 18) judges - Somizi Mhlongo, Thembi Seete and JR
From left to right: Somizi Mhlongo, Thembi Seete and JR Bogopa.

This season we are having a total of three judges, one of the judges is just coming back from a break whereas two are new to the show.

Somizi Mhlongo

Age: 49 years
Career: Actor, singer, choreographer, entrepreneur, celebrity cook, radio and television personality
Judge since (year): 2015

Thembi Seete

Age: 45 years
Career: Singer, actress, model, voice-over artist and television presenter
Judge since (year): 2022

JR Bogopa

Age: 35 years
Career: rapper, record producer, music executive and entrepreneur
Judge since (year): 2022

Now that you know who the Idols SA 2022 (Season 18) judges are, please tell us who is your favourite is by dropping his or her name in the comment section below.


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8 Responses

  1. Mayandery mj says:

    When Idols coming back for season 19

  2. John says:

    All those judges.. I want to see their qualification from any musical school/institute.. They thought they are better… We want regime change.. Remove those judges pls.. They are wasting other kids talent…

  3. Ricado says:

    Thembi Seete. She has always been my favorite celebrity.

  4. Nyaa says:

    All of them they are a balance. JR is a bit of an extreme hard can be u reasonably hard and unfair but for the most part is technical which brings a good balance. Somozi is a whole vibe which is entertaining, rounded abs likable while Thembi is an objective sweet heart making contestants feel at home while really also technically competent. It’s a perfect combo. They were all too hard on today’s white 29 year old boy though, it was too brutal, I felt a lack of understanding of his own cultural genre while I agree he wasn’t suitable, their comments were extremely u fair and nasty to him he may need to de-trauma/ but love all the judges…

  5. Unique Fillander says:

    JR Bogopa, My black brother i have been watching idols and observing how you conduct yourself when judging, stop been a jerk ass of favourism and be professional or resign and leave those who can do that job

  6. MERCY says:


  7. Tadala Phiri says:

    So glad to see back on the show.

  8. Caren Mujoro says:


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