Tumi Lesejane

Tumi Lesejane - Idols SA Season 9 Top 16 Contestant

Age: 21

Hometown: Midrand

Occupation: Musical Theatre Student

“India Arie is not my thing at all but I’ll tell you what – you’re my thing!” Randall praised Tumi in the Theatre Rounds at Sun City, so it’s no surprise to find out she’s been singing all her life.

“My father always tells the story about how when I was in Grade 2 I always got sent to the corner for singing in class!” she recalls.

“In high school I chose Music as a subject and that’s when I think my parents realised that it’s not just a phase – it’s a gift.” Now Tumi is studying Musical Theater full time and she says whatever happens in Idols, she will finish her degree.

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