Qhawe Mahlangu

Qhawe Mahlangu: Idols SA 2020 'Season 16' Top 16 Contestant

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Hometown: KwaThema

Audition City: Johannesburg

What artistic quality do you love most in yourself? I love how I allow the art to create itself and how I find ways to make the work cohesive. I enjoy continuity.

If you could have an EPIC collab with any music star living or passed on, who would it be and why? Internationally, it would be Pharrell Williams and Labrinth. Pharrell is a beast at channelling energy into a song. Labrinth is a sonic mastermind. He can evoke emotions in you that are so deep that it’s almost invasive. Locally, Tellaman and Sishii – I feel their sound is similar to what I’m going for. Tellman is probably the chill-est R&B singer, but his music is vibey and turnt. Also, he’s one of the best lyricists in the industry today. Sishii is simple, but the precision in his storytelling is something admirable. It’s what sets him apart.

Which former Idols contestant inspires you the most? How come? Khaya Mthethwa is my biggest Idols inspiration. He was very playful as an individual, but was passionate during his performances on stage. I’ve been inspired by how he personalises his songs and how he enjoyed the process.

What’s your tagline or motto? My late mom taught me that, “If it doesn’t come from the heart, it’s not worth it.” So before I do anything, I check in with my heart first.

What inspires you? I’m inspired by the relationship I have with God. In my spiritual journey, I’ve found that the real gold is within me.


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