Idols SA 2023 (Season 19) Online Auditions Frequently Asked Questions

Idols SA Season 17 Online Auditions Frequently Asked Questions

For all those who might have questions regarding the Idols SA Season 19 online auditions in 2023, kindly find all the answers that you are looking for below.

When do Idols SA online auditions open and close?

The Idols SA Season 19 auditions will open on Sunday 12 February 2023 and close on Sunday 26 February 2023.

What do I need to prepare to submit for the Idols SA online audition?

  • Full Name
  • South African ID Number
  • Contact phone number
  • WhatsApp number
  • Contact e-mail address

Where do you live at the moment, including the Province?

A 30-second video clip of your audition, singing only. No talking

How do I know that my audition has been received?

Once an audition has been submitted, an automated email response will be sent saying that your audition has been received.

How do I know what to do next?

Contestants will receive a further email informing them as to whether their audition was successful or not.

Will I see the judges?

Should your online audition be successful you will be invited to audition in person in front of the Idols Judges. *The Judges’ decisions are final and no correspondence will be entered into.

Can I play an instrument while singing for my audition?

No, singing only.

Can I sing my own song?


Should I introduce myself and talk as part of my audition?

No, singing only please. Speaking will not be considered.

How long should my audition clip be?

We accept a maximum duration of 30 seconds only. Singing only. No Talking. Please prepare your clip and all your information before you log on to submit your application

What are the rules and requirements for entering Idols SA online?

  • You must be between 16 and 30 on the day of your audition.
  • You must have South African residency.
  • You may not have an existing recording or management deal.
  • The online audition process will be judged by members of the Idols Music team and the Idols judging panel.
  • The Judge’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
  • Your video must only be 30 seconds in duration.
  • Your video must be of you singing only. No talking will be considered.
  • Your audition may be used on TV even if you do not get a call back to audition for the judges.

When does judging for online audition start and end?

Online Audition judging might commence sometime in mid-March 2023.

If you are ready to audition, kindly check out How to Register for Idols SA 2023 Online Auditions.


Please be aware of Nigerian scammers who ask you for money. These Nigerian scammers often create Fake Websites and pretend to be employees of Multichoice or Mzansi Magic.

Please be informed that the entire Idols South Africa audition process is Completely Free, the Idols South Africa Application Forms are also Completely Free. Therefore, do not pay any money to anyone; if anyone asks you for any money, please report them to the nearest police station.


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40 Responses

  1. Ontiretse says:

    Ontiretse Kekana 068 462 1327

  2. Samukelogamede says:

    Hello please i have a problem here ihave applied for adols sa but i have a problem of my email account i can’t get through it too check my email feed back from adols sa 2023 please would you check for me whether am i successfully or not successfully please this are my contact numbers 0717999313 or 0760348719

  3. Damian says:

    How long does it take to get feedback

  4. Siboniso says:

    Where would I get a link to register for season 19 idols sa?

  5. Patience khumalo says:

    Hy my name is patience khumalo I would like to enter SA idols but I don’t know how
    I have been trying nd trying but still going back to the same thing

  6. Patience says:

    Hy would like to enter SA idols

  7. kholeka zondi says:

    i already done registering to enter audition, im waiting for another step.

  8. Sifa says:

    Yes ofcourse, All races can take part

  9. Lindani Gumede says:

    Can we audition the old fashion way, not with the 30 second video audition please.

  10. BunnyC says:

    When are auditions gonna be opened?

  11. Shinobia Saptouw says:

    Good evening just wanted to know if you should be 30 years of age for I’m 31 now and would really like to audition. Am I too old to audition

  12. Caleb Simelokuhle says:

    I want to audition online but I can’t, actually I don’t know how to, and I can sing I’m the next idol😢🤞

  13. Gladys says:

    When is idols opening

  14. Londiwe Banele says:

    I Will like to come in to the audition

  15. Snenhlanhla nhlumayo says:

    If i m 15 turning 16 on the 25th of February ..can i audition???

  16. Salvin says:

    Good day
    Is Idols SA open to other races?

  17. THEMBA NDABA says:


  18. phiwe says:

    my online audition 2021 was unsuccessful saying they have incredible applicants who auditioned yet in front of the judges there were people who couldn’t sing & considered wooden mic contestant how did their online audition become successfull and mine was

  19. Thulile Queen mangane says:

    I haven’t applied so i was wondering whether it’s possible to register since registration is closed
    If idols haven’t reached 15000 entries for 2022 please consider myself


  20. Emyliey❤️💕 says:

    I can’t login the website of the idols sa auditions

    • Snenhle.m says:

      Why I ddnt get any email saying my video was successful or not but I sent it in the first week the audition started why I dols why even last year I got rejected this year you dont even respond at all

      • Grace says:

        Hey doll it’s me grace from the vaal ..lenna I did send my audition. From the first week as well but even today I haven’t received any emails confirming that they have received it..I would like to hear from you regarding the matter if have you received any response or not..coz I’m nna I haven’t still..

        I would highly appreciate your response towards me

        Take care.

  21. Kgaugelo molopyane says:

    My name is molopyane kgaugelo I’m 24 years old and I live in klipgat mabopane,I love singing

  22. Kgaugelo molopyane says:

    My name is molopyane kgaugelo ,I’m 24years old from mabopane klipgat,i love singing.

  23. Mpho says:

    GoodDay I’m Mpho interested in registering for idols competition for 2022.

  24. Koketso Tercia says:

    My name is Mohlabe Koketso Tercia,I sent my video clip around February before the closing date,so I got to loose my phone which had the e-mail I attached to the idols form this is my ID 36595…I wanna know if I made it to audition face to face and the date in which I’ll have to audition

  25. Innocentia says:

    Judging concluded yesterday but I haven’t received any feedback from the judges

  26. londiwe pretty says:

    yooo it been days trying to submit my applicantion plz help

  27. nondumiso says:

    guys i have been trying to upload my clip but i was not going through….if only you can give us a chance to reapply

  28. akhona says:

    I just bid a application for s17 audition 2021 for myself and my nephew hi 12yrs pls make avaliable online

  29. Mamoeletsi says:

    Can i send more than 1 videos for my entry audition?

  30. Andiswa says:

    Is it possible to be on Idols and also study in varsity?

  31. Xivono says:

    I’ve also registered for idols sa season 17. Well it’s all about giving a try and i also believe that my voice will lead me forward

  32. Nondu says:

    Hy all i finally registored .im waiting for the second step .im so happy cause i use to sing at church im a worshiper.eveat home i just sing they always saying im noisy .

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