American Idol 2023 Top 20 Contestants – Season 21

The Top 20 contestants of American Idol Season 21 in 2023 were revealed on Sunday April 23, during episode 13.

The 3-hour episode 13 was filmed on Wednesday night (April 19).

American Idol 2023 Top 20

  1. Colin Stough
  2. Marybeth Byrd
  3. Olivia Soli
  4. Iam Tongi
  5. Warren Peay
  6. Wé Ani
  7. Michael Williams
  8. Zachariah Smith
  9. Megan Danielle
  10. Lucy Love
  11. Oliver Steele
  12. Nailyah Serenity
  13. Kaeyra
  14. Matt Wilson
  15. Tyson Venegas
  16. Haven Madison
  17. Paige Anne
  18. Hannah Nicolaisen
  19. Mariah Faith
  20. Nutsa Buzaladze

The Top 26 contestants got the good or bad news when host Ryan Seacrest called them up one by one to reveal whether they would sing another day.

The Top 20 contestants then performed for America’s votes for a chance to get into the Top 12 contestants who will be revealed in episode 14 on Monday April 24.

Eliminated Contestants

Six contestants were eliminated from the show this week, they are;

  • Elise Kristine
  • PJAE
  • Dawson Wayne
  • Malik Heard
  • Elijah McCormick
  • Emma Busse

During episode 13, American Idol Season 20 winner Noah Thompson and runner-up HunterGirl performed their latest singles.

Further still, Motown legend Smokey Robinson also performed.

So who are your favorite American Idol 2023 Top 20 contestants?


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