Sean Millis | The Voice Australia Season 12

Sean Millis - The Voice Australia Season 12 contestant in 2023
Sean Millis.

Sean Millis is an Australian actor, singer, songwriter, and TikTok star from Melbourne, Victoria.

He was a contestant on The Voice Australia Season 12 in 2023.

Sean is 22 years old at the time of entering The Voice Australia.

Sean suffers from a rare illness, Hunter Syndrome, and this has led him to form an unbreakable bond with his nurses, some of whom drove 9 hours to Sydney to support him at his blind audition.

He graduated with a Bachelor of Performing Arts (Musical Theatre) in 2021.

During the Blind Auditions, Sean performed his own rendition of “7 Years” by Lukas Graham.

He got two chair turns from coaches; Rita Ora and Jessica Mauboy.

Sean Millis chose to join Team Jess.

Watch Sean Millis’ Blind Audition below;

Sean Millis with his Nurses on stage after The Voice Australia Season 12 Blind Audition in 2023
Two of Sean Millis’ nurses drove nine hours to Sydney to support him at his Blind Audition.
Sean Millis with his Nurses on stage after The Voice Australia Season 12 Blind Audition in 2023
Sean Millis with two of his nurses pictured on The Voice Australia stage.

Sean Millis disability

Sean Millis suffers from an illness called, Hunter Syndrome, a rare condition that condemns him to a slow, painful progression, his body is unable to produce an enzyme that clears waste from his cells.

Way back in late 2007, Sean Millis’ illness started to take hold in earnest, it affected his breathing, his internal organs, and his joints.

Sean’s mother stated at the time;

He started having to rest more often and he was crying all the time. We were finding he couldn’t walk to school anymore and he was getting too tired to play with friends. He used to play cricket on Saturday, which he really loved, but it was knocking him out for the rest of the weekend.

Sean Millis playing cricket in 2008
7-year-old Sean Millis pictured playing cricket back in 2008.

On 1 December 2008, Sean became one of a handful of Australians on the most expensive therapy ever funded by the Federal Government’s Life-Saving Drugs Program.

The drug Elaprase – which costs up to $500,000 per patient per year, has significantly extended Sean’s life expectancy, as well as improved his quality of life. This is because most people with Hunter Syndrome do not live past their teen years, but Sean is now in his twenties and still going.

Once the Government announced it would fund the treatment, the drug manufacturer, Genzyme, agreed to pay for Sean Millis’ first nine weekly infusions. The 10th was the first on the public purse.

After starting his treatment, Sean’s mother, Mrs. Millis stated that she could already see an improvement in Sean.

He has got much more energy, more movement in his arms and legs. He can play cricket again, then he comes back home and plays some more. Sean is also breathing and moving more easily.

Sean’s illness requires a weekly visit to the hospital for a full day of infusions.

While the treatment is not a cure, it has enabled Sean Millis to lead a normal life.

Sean Millis height

Sean Millis is 180cm (1.8 meters) tall.


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