Idols SA’s Gugu Zulu – ‘Mom was my only supporter till recently,’

Gugulethu Zulu

Actress and Idols SA top 16 contestant Gugu Zulu has shared that her confidence has taken a few knocks from people close to her because during tough times, her mother was the only constant supporter on her side.

Gugu said her family has not always been supportive of her dream to act or sing and even though her talent was evident, she struggled to convince family members to rally behind her.

“I always knew I belonged in the arts. I’ve loved acting and singing for the longest time. But, my mom was the only one behind me for a long time and I would get harsh words from my family to pursue a more ‘stable’ future. There were times in my struggle I couldn’t make rent or buy food but I would get nothing, but ‘we told you so’ from them,” she explained.

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The actress said although her mom stands out, she was grateful for the support her friends gave her along the way. Despite being told that she should choose a different career, Gugu knows she belongs in the entertainment industry.

“I love singing and acting. I would love to do it forever. Some people have told me to pick one because I am all over the place. I don’t deny that I am all over but I know that I’m willing to knock on every door to see my dreams become a reality. I’m willing to put in the work,” she said.

The actress said that being on Idols has exceeded her expectations and hopes to make it all the way to the top.

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