Grand Finale: Week 11 Voting Poll of Big Brother Titans 2023

The Big Brother Titans 2023 Grand Finale Voting Poll in Week 11 is now open and live.

Big Brother Titans 2023 Grand Finalists Voting Poll
Big Brother Titans 2023 Finalists.

Following the announcement of the Big Brother Titans 2023 Week 10 voting results today on Day 70 (Sunday 26 March 2023), six housemates have finally been confirmed to have reached the Grand Finale in week 11.

Big Brother Titans 2023 Finalists

The Big Brother Titans 2023 finalists are listed below;

  • Khosi
  • Yvonne
  • Ebubu
  • Tsatsii
  • Ipeleng
  • Kanaga Jnr

Please let us know which housemates you are voting for during the Grand Finale week by taking part in our online voting poll below.

BBTitans 2023 Week 11 (GRAND FINALE): Who Are You Voting?

  • Khosi (67%, 3,661 Votes)
  • Kanaga Jnr (9%, 500 Votes)
  • Ipeleng (8%, 442 Votes)
  • Tsatsii (7%, 378 Votes)
  • Ebubu (5%, 284 Votes)
  • Yvonne (4%, 214 Votes)

Total Voters: 5,286

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Likewise, you can also tell us the housemates you are voting for in the Grand Finale week by dropping their names in the comment box below.


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215 Responses

  1. Pheladi says:

    Khosi intertaining us until today, and tomorrow we will miss your coffee with Khosi, your smile, your laughing.Afrka loves you wish you the best baby girl

  2. Florah Rambau says:

    The money is khosified

  3. Betty says:

    Kanaga jnr for the money

  4. Shirley Tjirokohe says:

    Khosi Twala is the content, very strong, bold ,beautiful, intelligent, loving and caring black woman, may this Show now just come to an end Biggie, Khosi has secured her Bag and kept us entertained, Biggie please give Khosi her money then consider to close this Show already, thank you once again for Khosi Big brother, my highlights on Khosi’s’ journey in the Big Brother House are : 1. the second she walked into the Big Brother House she said to Yemi “May you help me with my earring?”, 2. Coffee with Khosi, 3. Always apologizing to Yemi, 4. Yesterday when Biggie was playing video for their families she said “I told my Family not to speak in English, imagine this Gírl! that alone finished Us, we laughed like there is no tomorrow, eish, I Love you Khosi, you stole our hearts, we are going to miss you dearly!

  5. Ceee says:

    Kananga Jr

  6. Cee M says:

    Kananga Jr for the money

  7. Pepe says:


  8. Nolubabalo says:

    Khosi all the way

  9. Florah Rambau says:

    All the best khosi

  10. Magdeline says:

    Behind Tsatsi

  11. Magdeline says:

    Behind Tsatsi all the way

  12. Lucy Dimba says:

    My queen Khosi Twala for the money

  13. Lungile Mthembu says:

    Khosi all the way

  14. Lee says:

    King khosi the winner

  15. Mitshidisi Moleleki says:

    Khosi to wim the mon.i love you girl. Make Mzansi proud.

  16. Dimakatso says:

    Khosi all the best love 😘

  17. Dimakatso says:

    Good heart lady Khosi

  18. Dimakatso says:

    The woman with good heart ❣️ Khosi

  19. Dimakatso says:

    Khosi all the best

  20. Dimakatso says:

    Am behind you Khosi

  21. Luluk says:

    Khosi we love you

  22. Luluk says:

    khosi for cash

  23. Konvict Freeman says:

    Khosi for the money

  24. Sinazo says:

    I love you khosi

  25. Sinazo says:

    I love you khosi

    #khosi 4 the money

  26. Rosemary mponda says:

    AM voteing baby becoz I have lean many things from her,1is to be a strong women ,khosi for the money!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Pheladi says:

    Khosi we are here for you baby, I love you so much.

  28. Gcobani says:

    I vote for khosi to the money 🙏🙏🙏

  29. Dedi Dedi says:

    Khosi, we love you go for 100k…

  30. Florah rambau says:


  31. Sylvian says:

    Tsatsi for the money

  32. Lindo says:

    Khosi i love her

  33. mositoane says:

    determine Khosi for the money

  34. Ckhonzy says:

    Khosi for the money

  35. Kgaugelo Phoku says:

    Ipeleng for the money

  36. Shantel says:

    I’m rooting for the queen khosi Twala. #A proud Zulu girl. ❤️❤️❤️👸👸

  37. Meisie says:


  38. Elizabeth Motsoeneng says:

    Let’s not forget we vote till Friday or Saturday I’m not sure?
    Khosi 100%

  39. Omogolo says:

    King Khosii all the wayyyy

  40. Vuyokazi Mtantato says:

    Voting Khosi

  41. Monty Chauke says:

    Khosi we love u all the way

  42. Khosi says:

    The winner

  43. Zipporah says:

    Khosi Twala

  44. Pamela says:

    Let’s do this for KHOSi.She ran a good race,feeling good to watch her every day

  45. Pamela says:

    Khosi all the way..You gave us the show.Nice watching you.Lets gooooooooooo till Sunday

  46. Mash says:

    Ipeleng all the way

  47. Luluk says:

    Khosi reigns

  48. Erline says:

    Queen Khosi for the Money

  49. Mmamorongwa Moropa says:

    Im voting for Khosi

  50. zozias says:

    Love u Khosiiii bangene girl

  51. Florah Rambau says:


  52. Lolo says:

    Khosi deserves the money….gave us content thru out the whole show

  53. Nobuhle Dlamini says:

    Khosi for money

  54. Zodwa says:


  55. Zipporah says:

    Khosi for money

  56. Mbali says:

    Khosi ❤️❤️❤️

  57. Annah says:


  58. Annah says:

    Ebubu for the moola

  59. Cynthia says:

    Voting for Khosi

  60. Cynthia says:

    Money is Khoscled.

  61. Evelyn woods says:

    Khosi Liberia 🥰,we did for phyna we doing for khosi. Liberia 🥰❤️

  62. Sannie says:

    Khosi all the way

  63. Queenie Mafojane says:

    Kataga jr to win, he’s such a gentleman who knows how to treat a lady.

  64. Magdeline says:

    Money is Tsatsified

  65. Elizabeth Motsoeneng says:


  66. NONHLANHLA says:


  67. Boitumelo Madibaiba says:

    Go Ipeleng go ahead, ngwana Kwa Selepe.

  68. Boitumelo Madibaiba says:

    I am for Ipeleng

  69. zee says:


  70. Magdeline says:

    Tsatsi the dreamer

  71. Mpumi Mthethwa says:

    I’m voting for Khosi

  72. Magdeline says:

    Tsatsi for the moola

  73. Magdeline says:

    Daddy’s girl Tsatsi

  74. Magdeline says:

    Tsatsi the finalist

  75. Lindiwe Yvonne Thwala says:


  76. Pheladi says:

    Khosi 😍😍💕💕

  77. Dichabeng says:

    Khosi 😍😍💕💕

  78. Dichabeng says:

    Khosi the intelligent girl

  79. Bonisiwe Ngobese says:

    Ipeleng Selepe

  80. Florah Rambau says:

    Khosi all the way

  81. ERIKA KAMARA says:


  82. ERIKA KAMARA says:

    Khosi all the way

  83. Magdeline says:

    Tsatsi Madiba

  84. Magdeline says:

    Tsatsi competitive girl

  85. Magdeline says:

    Tsatsi the humble and sweet girl

  86. Magdeline says:

    Tsatsi the favourite

  87. Magdeline says:

    Tsatsi the smart girl

  88. Magdeline says:

    Tsatsi shine

  89. Magdeline says:

    Tsatsi for sure

  90. Magdeline says:

    Tsatsi village girl

  91. Magdeline says:

    Rooting for Tsatsi

  92. Magdeline says:

    Tsatsi all the way

  93. Magdeline says:

    Tsatsi the Queen

  94. Magdeline says:

    Tsatsi reigns

  95. Magdeline says:

    Tsatsi for the grand price

  96. Magdeline says:


  97. Khanyi says:

    Khosi for money

  98. Magdeline says:

    Tsatsi for the money

  99. Thembeka says:

    My favourite Queen Khosi love you Nd I will push vote for her

  100. Grace says:

    Khosi Khosi for the money 100%❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  101. nozipho says:

    Khosi my baby

  102. Dineo Maswabi says:

    Khosi for money

  103. May says:


  104. Mpumi says:

    Queen khosi100%

  105. Gladys says:

    Khosi nation we gooooooo…….lv u ❤❤❤❤❤ the Beasttttt!

  106. Neo khoele says:

    Khosi you are our number One winner for Mzansi 4 show

  107. Sha says:

    Khosi 4 money 💲 💰

  108. Joyce says:

    My Queen Khosi all the way, come let’s vote Khosi fans

  109. Morongwe says:

    Khosi 100%

  110. Sesiphiwe says:


  111. Nobuntu says:

    Khosi my king

  112. Maphindy says:

    Khosi all the way 100times

  113. Lebo says:

    Khosi for the 💰 money

  114. Tankiso says:


  115. Patdvd says:

    Khosi Twala the winner

  116. molebogeng says:

    Khosi for money

  117. Lucy says:


  118. T Mudeyi says:

    Ebubu for the money

  119. Tina says:


  120. Tina says:


  121. Lulu says:

    Khosi my Queen

  122. Lulu says:

    Khosi for the money

  123. Beyonna says:

    Khosi for the #Money

  124. Thulisile Ntuli says:

    Khosi for life 👑 let’s vote good people

  125. Arinda Sheillah says:

    Queen khosi 4 d money ♥️♥️♥️♥️

  126. Vivi says:

    Tsatsi 4 the moola

  127. Arinda Sheillah says:

    Khosi ♥️♥️♥️

  128. nonhlanhla says:

    khosi to win final

  129. Lillian Kamfwa says:

    Khosi the winner

  130. Nkele says:

    Khosi for the money #QueenKHOSI

  131. Dumisani says:

    Khosi for the money

  132. Pageant Maakana says:


  133. Didi says:

    Voting for Khosi a thousand times!

  134. Vino says:

    Khosi my queen

  135. Vino says:

    Money is Khosified

  136. Sduh M says:

    Tsatsi for the money

  137. Nomsa Kgosi says:

    Khosi Khosi girl
    You deserve it my love,you’ve endured the most

  138. Bajabulise Dhlamini says:

    vote Ipeleng

  139. Nolwazi Phomu says:

    Khosi the winner

  140. Thembi says:

    Khosi to the finale

  141. Nellybliz says:

    Khosi for the win

    • Pheladi says:

      Khosi for life khosi for money khosi for winning BBtitans 2023, I love this girl she is patient, intelligence and etc she loves everybody

  142. Eva Munakapa says:


  143. Patdvd says:

    Khosi my girl with 💞

  144. Patdvd says:

    Khosi the winner 🏆



  146. Sne says:


  147. Nosipho says:

    Khosi for da money.

  148. Mosebi says:


  149. Esher says:


  150. Florah Rambau says:

    Khosi for the miney

  151. Sthulile says:


  152. Liza says:

    Khosi deserves to win …..KHOSI

  153. Sesiphiwe says:

    Khosi for grand price

  154. Tankiso says:

    Khosi for the money

  155. Dineo Maswabi says:

    Khosination we go

  156. Jerine Strother says:


  157. Sadia kollie says:


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