Top 3 Contestants’ Favourite Quotes: The Words Our Top 3 live by

Idols SA 2018 Season 14 Top 3 Contestants Favourite Quotes

Now that they’ve captivated us on the Live Show stage, we’re keen to know who our Idols SA 2018 top 3 are and what makes them tick.

We’d like to think music speaks to the soul and stimulates the senses unlike any other art form and that’s very likely why fans of Idols from such deep and lasting relationships with the contestants on the show. That’s why we decided to connect with our top 3 contestants and get a little insight into what defines them in as few words as possible. Have a look at their answers.

1. Thato

“Always be happy and make sure that the people around you are happy too”

For Thato it’s all about spreading love, positive energy and lifting people up when they’re down. We think that definitely translates on stage because he always looks like he’s having the best time of his life.

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2. Yanga

“Aspire to inspire before you expire”

Though she’s so young, Yanga already appreciates that we have precious little time and we’ve got to make it count.

3. Thando

“You’re not the best but you’re one of the best!”

It’s so great to see Thando finally acknowledge how talented she is. This is a young woman who had gotten to a point where she doubted her own abilities as a singer.

Now that you’ve gotten a glimpse of what inspires our Idols who are you most excited to see this Sunday? Let us know by dropping a comment in our comments’ section below.

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  1. Beatrice S. Hamusonde says:

    Thando is an example of potential that is blocked by negative comments from those around us. She has come out of that cover. Shine Thando shine for other girls to believe in themselves.

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