Interview: Botlhale Phora Reveals Who He’s Voting For To Win Idols SA 2017

Botlhale Phora left Idols SA 2017 after making it all the way to the top 3 contestants and performing his latest single ‘Good Enough’.

Botlhale Phora voting Mthokozisi Ndaba

Well as you would expect, Botlhale is now giving out interviews to media houses and during his first interview shortly after exiting the competition, he revealed who he’s going to be voting for.

To start with, Botlhale said that his sister is the one that actually told him to audition for Idols SA 2017, he went ahead to reveal that he didn’t know anything about Idols SA because he doesn’t
even have DSTV.

During the interview, he was asked the one thing he’s taking away from the competition to which he replied “being true to myself”, Botlhale said.

When asked how the London trip was, he said London was so nice especially because he loves architecture so he enjoyed viewing buildings and that he took a lot of pictures.

When asked what he got for himself in London, he said he bought himself some snickers, some nice watches and some nice hoodies among others.

When asked what the way forward in his career is, Botlhale said that the way forward is to keep on pushing and releasing good music and giving his supporters what they want.

And finally when asked who he’s going to be voting for, Botlhale replied by saying “that one is very difficult, well I’ll go for my boy Mthokozisi, yeah I believe he is the best”.

The interview concluded by Botlhare thanking South Africa for the love and support they’ve given him throughout his Idols SA 2017 journey.

Watch the interview below:

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