Ty Loner

Ty Loner - Idols SA Season 18 Top 12 contestant

Ty Loner is a South African musician from Eldorado Park, Gauteng. He is a Top 12 contestant on Idols SA Season 18 in 2022.

Ty Loner’s Biography

Name:Ty Loner
Age:21 years old
Hometown:Eldorado Park, Gauteng

Ty Loner had no idea he had entered Idols South Africa a second time until he received a phone call, it turns out his girlfriend had secretly sent in a video “just to [see] if the show would call back”.

Previously, Ty Loner was on Idols SA Season 16 using the moniker “Karl” and managed to make it to the Top 31.

This year he is in the Idols SA Season 18 Top 12, and he says his second time in the competition has been “memorable, fun, and wholesome”.

Ty Loner describes himself as a woke dreamer who appreciates life, his musical journey started at a very young age as he comes from a very musical family.

This Eldorado Park native realized he could sing in grade three, and it has been his passion since.

Influenced musically by artists such as Kanye West, Russ, Michael Jackson, Chris Brown and A-Reece, this 21-year-old hopes to gain professional confidence from Idols SA.

“I just want to have a solid foundation of who I am musically, and I need to be my biggest believer,” he says.

Ty Loner also views this season of Idols South Africa as his first step into the music industry.

What can we expect when Ty Loner hits the Idols SA live stage? “Viewers can expect a show. I will treat every performance as if it’s a gig. I will give it my all.”

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