Lerato Matsabu

Lerato Matsabu - Idols SA Season 18 Top 12 contestant

Lerato Matsabu is a South African singer from Vaal, Gauteng. She is a Top 12 contestant on Idols SA Season 18 in 2022.

She describes herself as an ambivert who comes out of her shell when she’s singing.

Lerato Matsabu’s Biography

Name:Lerato Matsabu
Age:27 years old
Hometown:Vaal, Gauteng

Lerato Matsabu first entered South African Idols more than a decade ago in Idols SA Season 6, and after a period of losing confidence in her capabilities as a singer, she is back with a bang.

“This year, I had the courage and bravery to enter again,” she says.

Lerato Matsabu has found her second time on Idols South Africa to be a fun process that she’s grateful for.

Lerato Matsabu’s musical journey began at a young age, singing at church and playing in the church band.

Her mother has been her greatest supporter, and she hopes to make her proud.

Lerato Matsabu’s musical heroes are women who are powerhouses: Jazmine Sullivan, Beyoncé, Yebba and Alicia Keys.

When asked what we can expect from her on the Idols SA stage, Lerato says: “A ball of energy and a ball of excitement.”

What does Lerato Matsabu hope to achieve with Idols South Africa? “I want to inspire people to know that you shouldn’t let your dreams die. Don’t give up on your dreams. Even if it takes forever, it can actually happen for you one day.”

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