Gavin Wratten

Gavin Wratten is a South African TV executive producer, live multi-camera director, script writer and creative director.

Gavin Wratten, Idols SA Executive Producer and Director

Gavin Wratten is the executive producer and director of Idols South Africa.

Very few people hold the esteemed title of being involved with Idols since Idols SA season 1 and Gavin is one of those people.

Gavin Wratten attended the prestigious Pretoria Boys High School.

At the beginning of his career, Wratten was mentored by legendary TV producer Bill Faure, the two first worked together when Gavin was 18 years old.

Gavin owns Nevermachine, a television production and post production company which he started back in January 2010.

In 2010, Idols SA employed the skills and services of Nevermachine, which is headed by Gavin Wratten to handle the production of the entire show.

Gavin also co-owns the company ‘Sic Entertainment’ with Idols South Africa presenter ProVerb.

Nevermachine and Sic Entertainment are sister companies that specialize in entertainment television production, format creation, and international format production.

From inception to on-screen, they handle all areas of production, event management, and content delivery.

Gavin is a family man and when there is no Idols South Africa, he spends most of his time with his lovely family.


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