A sneak peek of King B’s debut single recording session

Idols SA 2018 Season 14 King B Debut Single Recording Session

Idols SA 2018 contestant Basimane Boys Melato also known as ‘King B‘ was in studio a few days ago working on his debut single, this is the song that could possibly elevate his career to new heights.

This talented 20 year old dude from Kagiso, Gauteng is hoping to replicate a success story like that of former Idols SA contestants who include Karabo Mogane, Mmatema Moremi and Khaya Mthethwa to mention but a few as he hit the booth at Gallo Records to put down the vocals for the single that will be playing on your radios and streaming everywhere in a few weeks to come.

Luckily Gallo Records did everything possible and allowed us access to behind the scenes actions of King B’s time in studio.

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By the way the official release of King B’s song is still some ways off so no doubt it’s going to be a long and arduos wait for his fans but luckily, the people at Gallo Records decided to share a small and particularly interesting portion of King B’s recording session to hold us and his fans over till the big debut.

Well the session might only be a few seconds long but even one listen rehashes what we have come to know from watching King B week after week – he has come this far thanks to rare talent, distinct vocal qualities and dancing skills that will separate him from majority of his peers even after Idols SA 2018 ends and we can’t wait to see him shine out their.

Idols SA 2018 Season 14 King B Debut Single Recording Session
Idols SA 2018 Season 14 King B Debut Single Recording Session

Listen as King B records his debut single below;


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