Botlhale Phora’s Profile

Botlhale Phora is 21 years old and comes from Garankuwa in Pretoria but he had his Idols SA 2017 auditions in Johannesburg.
Botlhale is a full-time musician and actually plays gigs to earn a living.
The highlight of his career so far has been sharing a stage with singer Lira at the State Theatre.
This is Botlhale’s first shot at Idols and he’s going for gold.
He has managed to make it Idols SA 2017 Top 6 and Top 5.
You can keep in touch with Botlhale by following him on social media through the below links:
– Facebook Page: IdolsSABotlhalePhora
– Personal Facebook Account: @devowcalist.phora
– : @botlhale_idols
– Instagram : @botlhaledevow

Tune in to Idols SA on Sundays at 17:00 (Mzansi Magic 161).

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